Where Is The Ball Going? Let's Talk About It

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Today I talk about:

Facebook's Globalcoin.

Early speculations & exchanges and USA.

Steem is at where the ball is going.

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Enjoyed listening to the whole video Dan

STEEM is Unknown island 🌴 for many people now

Potential of STEEM island will absolutely Huge and only few knows this and this includes most people who’re already on STEEM

Blockchain is just a distributed ledger.... It's simple... Like meat and potatoes.

Favourite line in this podcast, and so true. That's where I always start when explaining what this is all about to none crypto savvy people. I say, 'forget cryptocurrency for a minute' and then explain exactly what a Blockchain is and how it can't be hacked.... and why that's the core tech that will change things.

Some people just don't seem to be able to fathom it tbh. I don't know how many idiots have said to me, after I take the time to explain nodes and destributed ledger, 'yeah but you'll change your tune when bitcoin gets hacked.' I'm like dude, connect the dots, this ain't rocket science 🤣

I agree with what you're saying here. Data security is going to become more and more important with internet 3.0.

Also, what you were saying about appropriation of Blockchain by governments etc is something I've been worried about for a while now. Cryptocurrency can be a power for positive, and much needed change in this world... but equally if bank/government run private Blockchain currencies take over... Fck... That will be some next level Orwellian shit.

People are sleeping on Steem blockchain.
Decentralized social media will be a new internet but it will take alot of time.
Patience is key, Steem on!

Makes lot of sense to me... high risk, huge opportunity and with lots of patience :)

we all hope that the steem is really going where the ball goes. that this coin is strengthened and grows by leaps and bounds. we must continue working to make this happen

I fully agree with you that data is becoming the new oil.
What we are witnessing is one of the major technology improvements of all time.

Those last words man...I think I should start meditating too so that I can stop thinking of the possibilities and this and that....

I really do hope that steem is where the ball is going. It's gotta be...I ain't gonna analyze the "whys"and shit...everyone knows that. It might take some time but I think we'll get there...patience and consistency...

I think this is the big bang that people aren't recognising, they're calculating steem's redundancy, where it's imperfect and inferior in comparison to Steem, and they miss that big opening, steem is definitely where the ball is going, I'm much of a technical person but I do believe so from what I've seen

Not sure if you covered this in previous do you have any insight on the delisting of steem for USA customers from Binance ? As a US based user that does worry me greatly from an investment standpoint about the reason that was one of the coins to be removed.

I talk about it a bit in today's video. I am not that concerned on centralized exchanges effect on a peer 2 peer asset. We are so early, people's biggest threat isn't missing the boat, it's dying before it gets here.

You have an outstanding understanding of our current and future standing. 🔥

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Consistency and patience is the message here! For the ball? Time will reveal to the world that STEEM is where the ball is going.

Keep this mind brother.


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Hello my friend @theycallmedan a long time without commenting and passing your wall, it is very exciting and entertaining to read and learn to you something in each of your publications is excellent and special that in the future, like I think, continue and continue to promote the world of the cryptographic communities to enter the new financial era and manage our own money without banking intermediaries.

Reading at this time Several points of view that we share in the comments compared to something like fear and fear that citizens become the world of the crypts and stain all this.

Greetings from venezuela hemano. A hug and my blessings for you and yours.

Thank you for the support you give me in my publications in some opportunities. A little of your votes My family I am very grateful for the blessing you give us through the means of your votes, here in my country, Venezuela, a little bit of crypto coins as well as it gives us a lot of help to solve a dioario many things, and is a great help.

Great video @theycallmedan. absolutely stunned with performance [email protected] and how smooth it runs the video. Steem is really unknown to in crypto world to many. we have that responsibility to push it.

People who get censored trying to use Facebook's centralized shitcoin in a way that Facebook doesn't approve will come rushing to decentralized alternatives. It will become just another path to onboard to real cryptocurrencies.

There is no script to read instead of watching the video? It is starting-and-stopping every second or two. I listened to approximately the 2-minute mark and finally gave up. If it is audio-only, why not use Dsound, instead, where the streaming is faster?

It sounded like it might have been a good talk, so it is a shame it won't stream smoothly. 😕

hopefully and steem, this going in the right direction, as I think and as many of us thought, I think this currency should be strengthened and continue working to make it a success

Believe its about time to move your Litecoin to Bitcoin... Would be interesting to know your opinion about new coming regulations and that affect would make for crypto market. Believe decentralised exchanges will be on a rise

I think steem is going to be unknown destination cause its no limitation for his own power.hopefully its a resolve his own action.

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yeah..if you are on Steem patient is the best to apply.

Worth is the wait.

I've been missing your videos for the past few days.

I enjoyed this one.

Thank you Sir @theycallmedan for always sharing a good thought for steem. It a very good video I enjoy watching.

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facebook is in the game damn great times ahead 2020

@theycallmedan, In my opinion we should not expect too much from the Centralised System because from nowhere they will going Block us from moving ahead and that's the ugly reality of Centralised System and we have to digest it.

Steem is Community Boat and it will going to reach somewhere and i believe that and in my opinion that somewhere place will be so much empowering. And Community should not fear about the small Road Blocks because these Road Blocks will going to remembered in the books of Memories.

No matter what we have to see towards positive light and have to work upon any errors and slowly and gradually we can create strong foundation and that day will come when everyone will want to register their presence in this space.

NOTE: Whose voice got suppressed on Centralised System coming to Steem, so just think with your consciousness where Steem Train is moving.

Thank you so much for this ingredient brother and stay blessed.

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