Daily Rabbit Hole #463 | Laptop using power even when “turned off” | A strange cause of fluoride

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Recently I found out that when I visited Delta Dental, a pro fluoride insurance company and dental fluoride supplier, I could not access their site from New Zealand. I go into this as well as a few other things, including what one researcher found in regards to laptops using power even when shut down. Links mentioned can be found here:

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Nice post,

So much edutainment that all folks need to be enlightened on

Keep updating us with this kind of information and much more

Meanwhile lets keep steeming to the moon

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It's really not good what's happening to WikiLeaks infact when Assange set it up years ago, we thought it might be the revolution of change but look t Assange now and wikileaks. I've not experienced this sort of drainage while my battery is of, however isn't it dangerous that this sort of drainage is happening?

"Laptop using power even when “turned off”"
I have not watched the video so far, but almost everything is using power even when "turned off".
Checking your other electronic devices in your home may worth a try.

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