Former Chief Medical Examiner for New York says, more likely Epstein was murdered

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Recently Dr Micheal Baden who was the former Medical Examiner for New York (1978-1979) stated on Fox News that he believes that the evidence points to the fact Jeffery Epstein was murdered. Dr Micheal Baden also went on to state that he was unable to see the DNA results from under Jefferey Epstein’s finder nails or any other DNA evidence that might show another person was involved. He went onto say this was unusual, and he does not know why this was not turned over for others outside the government to see. I go into this and other things in this video.

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i can believe it too

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Hope we can gather more evidence to justify things on his death.

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Truth is the incident that leads to Epistein's death is damn complicating and believe me there are people who doesn't want the truth to be revealed by all means and before watching this I've seen a suggestion with providence of proof that he might have been murdered.

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