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The steem blockchain is a beautiful innovation, with the potential of becoming a 'great blockchain' but even moreso 'revolutionary", in terms of world adjustment. However, there are still alot of revelations needed and it is left to the users of steem to love it enough, to explore its depth, so that they can begin to see the steem blockchain in uncustomary 'new lights', in turn revealing other indispensible revolutionary use-case for it.

We discussed some of the beautiful aspects of steem but in new context, in what was suppose to be a conversational conference livestream but turned out to be a one-side talk, due some techncal difficulties. things in this livestream/video above.

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Looking forward to sharing with you a selection of #Cryptocurrency and #Blockchain related articles talking about and promoting some awesome Projects in the Crypto Steemit Community

@surpassinggoogle, Still you are going strong with the idea 💡 of Collaboration and effectively interacting with the Steemians. Keep up brother and stay blessed.

Congratulations @Surpassinggoogle for resuming this on @Threespeak. I hope to speak with you soonest to discuss steem and the way forward.

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I believe the beauty of steem will be revealed when the legit illiterates emerge. The beaty is in our use of the steem blockchain. When we have confirm people ready for growth, the revelation is a small thing. I believe with the vi-mission of marlians.com, we are making progress.

Thanks for all you do, and i pray God gives you strength.


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Good work for sure. Keep it up. Go Marlians.

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