Sargon of Akkad Introduction to Blockchain, bitcoin and Steem

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Drove 5 hours to meet Sargon of Akkad to tell him about Blockchain, Steem and 3Speak. He is very interested in decentralization of government and is open to new ideas about what blockchain can do for him.

Let's hope we get Sargon and other highly popular, dynamic, and credible content creators posting to Steem soon! Stay tuned for more.

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And here is the proof that I really was wearing a Gammon T-shirt when I met Sargon in Bolton.....

@starkerz, he just wants to be like me..... :)

anarcotech and sargon.JPG

What a pair of Gammons! The Gammon

@anarcotech I know you probably have an entire photo album waiting to be shared. Just post all of them already ;)

You do a great job promoting Steem!

Yeah @starkerz resteemed now THIS is a useful steem post! if @ned took notice and hired some steemians like you who live near social media stars, strategically placed, we could get soem serious promotion for stem just go outa nd produce interviews like this about crypro where we slip steem in, for all sorts of social media stars

Appreciate the sentiments @ackza! I am convinced that as we go forwards things like @steemba ( and other credible, professional groups on Steem will be able to bring budgets together to make things like that happen more often. We need to target creators, but also investors, businesses, government organisations and be great at explaining to them in layman's terms, what this stuff can do, as well as be ready to present them with package solutions to their problems, with minimal click an play, and hold steem to play models. it will come, just need time

You guys at @oracle-d have done a fabulous job of promoting, improving and using the Steem blockchain. What you've done with 3Speak is amazing and needed.

I've got a couple of questions for you if you have a moment:

Regarding Upcoming Hard Fork

Have you expressed and opinion on the next hard fork or have I just missed it? Will it negatively impact your business models?

I am personally concerned about the new voting curve where, if I understand correctly my ability to reward commentors on my blog will all but disappear.

When I met you at Decentralized in Athens you spoke about attracting investors based on giving them that power using their stake.

Regarding a Dapp For Contests

I still believe that this is a huge market opportunity that is being missed. I know that you and your team are very busy building and promoting other great projects but is something still in the works?

Contests are a huge business that attract people and could also attract sponsors and stake holders.

Any thoughts?

@kus-knee. The next iteration of the oracle-d platform will have a section to specifically let clients start contests. We already run a regular contest on @dapplovers. If u don’t know about it, u should check it out :)
Regarding hard fork, we are not particularly concerned. Projects like @likwid will help us to tailor how rewards are distributed.
Losing the ability to reward commenters will be a big problem, since this will be the main draw to transfer users from you tube to 3 speak. We will give the content creators the chance to distribute to their most loyal followers via giving them limited access to our upvote. Would be interested to find out more about the affects to commenting (do u have any sources for this?)

Thanks for the reply and the info about @likwid. I'll check it out.

The only info that I have regarding the effects on comments are the vlogs made by @exyle. From his understanding most often upvoting a comment will have little or no value! Time will tell.

Yeah man i have been testing and promoting @likwid and its working REALLy good only takes 1.5% so you can use bidbots now back to back every 7 days, almost twice as much now,

also to continue this idea of promoting steem by introducing it to social media influencers, we could start with @ned just promoting some projects to get social media influencers who talk about crypto a free steem account with a teeny bit of SP but more importtantly some major temporary delegation for like amonth or two so they can come show steem rto their followers
pewdiepie even got tricked into trying out Dlive... once ... hah hasnt been back

and so i bet he could be convinced to try steem as an alternative to reddit where posts cant get blocke dbecause theres the steem blockchain and alternative front ends, i canimagine pewdiepie showing these off and showing and going "Oh well i like this one better" and then i can imagine pewdiepie pausing, and restarting the introducinga nd going "Ok guys im here to talk to you about a new social media site that PAYS you and where you cant get banned!" hahaha i can imagine he just switches to busy as it looks nice,m and he will just start refering peopel liek CRAZY getting MASSIVE rewards from it.... we need a special steeminvite signup mode for pewdiepie tho thta gives him access to as many steeminvite links as we can provide, and we can use YOUTUBE as the filter, so basically yout8be has ways to distribute links to first 1000 viewers etc, we can have pewdiepie let his viewers all line up to get steeminvite links, so peope would have to bve creating multipel fake youtube accounts and wathcing him with them to get multipel fake accounts, so i think this has a chance, BUT the big problem is how @ned still hasnt given money to @pharesim and helped flesh out which can send invite linsk and plug into a whales SP, and @ned can connect @steem and @steemit to it and get millions of new free instant account links a year im pretty sure and if not that has to be fixed in a HF, i havent seeen any info from ned on his new onbaording site but its needed badly, i need to know, what plans @ned has for onboarding and why he hanst helping pharesim create a new steeminvite that can manage invite linsk and create some sort of system to use facebook or twitter or reddit accounts with over a certain amount of followers etc to qualify for the free steem account...

THEN we can do a massive campaign to bring just crypto social media influencers to steem and have them make videos promoting steem, giving upvotes to their first 100 comments using the delegation ned should give to them... i know pewdiepie may not happen but he did do Dlive recently so imagine, pewdiepie or someone like him making a video showing steem and screencasting while he uses it and make sposts and shows people how his posts make one and comments get upvotes right after he posts pics of himself etc... he can have meme contests and upvote his comments, a whole new relationship between pewdiepie and his fans will emerge if he can PAY them via upvotes

Absolutely tremendous short video! I'm going to be building on this and sharing it in the coming weeks.

That's great development @starkerz. You are really giving in your all for steem to work. Great work Buddy

@tj4real, Thank you man. I can't stress how important it is to seize this moment and approach content creators who are being de platformed by the current technocratic orthodoxy, to make it clear that we are part of a movement that will solve the issue of centralized corruption, for it is one of the largest faults to the human condition and blockchain most likely will be the way to build this negative part of our experience out of society using benevolent technology.

As a classical liberal (not a “progressive” there’s a difference) I applaud you. I’d like a channel on 3 speak but my only “social offence” against regressive orthodoxy has been on a popular social media platform where I had a post removed for criticising another user for not seeing nuance in the Arab-Israel conflict, for collective generalisation against the IDF. I basically said If I remember correctly “if he thinks IDF soldiers kill kids for fun he’s a Jew hating asshole who should move out of his parents basement and get a job.” They removed the post for bullying and gave me a warning. 😂😂😂. To me that showed a bias.

It’s amazing to see a decentralised platform that respects freedom of speech. 😍

That’s our goal!! Good to have you here @paulofnottingham

Good job @starkerz.

Thanks @starkerz really everything you do to make things better here in steem has great value, may God continue to give you wisdom for the next steps that are to come.

Hahaha, fucking mad man, you actually met up with Sargon to talk about Blockchain? Now get him on 3Speak so I can donate all my Speak Tokens to him!

Just for the record, I don't really agree with Sargon too much, but I'm completely against him being removed from Patreon for example. I'm probably a bit more left than him, but I've watched at least a dozen of his videos and don't see anything wrong with him voicing his opinion.

Its great to hear a healthy debate and people being open to learning and not just seeing who can force their opinion down the other ones throat!

I can only hope small scale conversations like this are happening around the world and changing the way one person thinks at a time!

Decentralization isn’t the answer to everything but it is a vessel that can provide a lot of opportunities and foster good will and accountability online which the internet so badly needs

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Absolutely @chekohler! I hope it can be a foundation from which we can build many opportunities, accountability and good will.
Conversations like these are starting to pop up all over the world these days. it really is the new way of doing politics.

Gammon = "GAME ON" @starkerz!!! Blockchain, Bitcoin and Steem in 11 minutes. Sargon of Akkad is very famous Social Media personality. Quite controversial though. And we need him on @threespeak and STEEM.

Btw you and Dylan are sharing Tees now? :P

yes! we always share Tshirts.
GAME ON!! I like it!

Great job buddy @starkerz.
I've always been a proponent of decentralization and I'm glad that people like Sargon of Akkad is about to join the crusade.
I see a future where blockchain and decentralization will go mainstream. This is a step in the right direction

That can be very good if he will take action part on steemit, that will take us much forward and much faster

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Jesus Christ.

Look, @starkersz, I'd like to support your shit and all, and I want to give you support for spreading steem... But fucking Sargon? That's who you went for?

The dudes a fucking joke!

I'd rather not have losers like him around here. Get good people.

Let's hope we get Sargon and other highly popular, dynamic, and credible content creators

CREDIBLE? hahahahahah

So what? I don't really have the same opinion as Sargon either, but he is a prominent content creator. Why wouldn't he be allowed to have an account on Steem?

I know you said you'd rather not have him around, but in the end everyone can create an account here and that's the beauty of Steem.

Heck, if Anita Sarkeesian wants to create an account here, I'm not going to try and stop her either :P

Why are you people assuming my opinion is akin to "stopping them"?

Relax, everyone. I'm just saying Sargon is an idiot (imo), and we shouldn't being doing outreach for him. He's free to come on here, of course, as is anyone, but I think our efforts are better suited elsewhere. We should focus on bringing in people are aren't complete twats.

100% upvotes for onboarding Anita @daan! That would be a special moment!

@starkerz - It's never gonna happen though, Steem's too patriarchal. Should have been founded by Nedwina & Danniella for her to join. (j/k of course)

I could not possibly comment on this :)

Wise choice, I'd say ;) Heck, I'll probably get some flack for making that joke.

Fair enough. Appreciate your comments. We are of course trying to attract other content creators, especially those who have been deplatformd or demonetised, or talk about blockchain tech, or citizen journalists. Do you have any suggestion of creators who we should target?

  • Mister Metokur - he may be a bit loud and opinionated, but that would be good for this platform
  • Mumkey Jones - again, loud, but at least he's humorous, and got a big following
  • Popular YouTubers - don't just focus on deplatformed ones because, let's be honest, a lot of the people who got deplatformed are probably shitty. Focus on popular and liked creators. They will bring their fans and make it more appealing to other creators (including deplatformed ones)

Appreciate these names, will add them to our list! thanks @okiedokieboi

As if your individual value judgement of a person should determine their access to a platform? Take a look in the mirror.

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lol the fuck are you on about mate? I'm not saying sargon shouldn't "have access" on here, retard, I'm saying he's a fucking loser and shouldn't be who we are actively campaigning to grab.

Whoever wants to join can, but we should focus our outreach on people who don't stumble over there own dumb feet everytime they talk. Sargon is literally an idiot, go watch any one of the numerous critical videos about him and stop being a fanboy

Who is we? You sure as hell don't represent me 'mate'. Fade back into your bush now.

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What a pathetic attempt at an argument.

Do you really want to put that on a public & immutable ledger? You really want people to see you confuse the VERY common figure of speech "we"? Really mate, why are you making yourself look bad. In a debate, that is supposed to be my job...

Oh FFS, if Sargon is such an issue debate his videos, and not peddle your misconception that you represent any opinion here besides your own. Better yet, take your hot takes back to Twitter where they belong.

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Look, I'm gonna try not to be harsh here. I probably have some anger issues, but I believe kindness is better.

So, to repeat what I told someone else in reply here:

Why are you people assuming my opinion is akin to "stopping them"?

Relax, everyone. I'm just saying Sargon is an idiot (imo), and we shouldn't being doing outreach for him. He's free to come on here, of course, as is anyone, but I think our efforts are better suited elsewhere. We should focus on bringing in people are aren't complete twats.

I'm not "pedding" any misconceptions. You're the one projecting that my opinion is trying to be more than just that, my opinion. I expressed it, but now you're painting it to be a bigger thing than it is.

Also, what's the point of your "hot takes" jab? This is literally what steem is for, expressing thoughts and opinions. What are you on about dude?

Great work there, you have doing a wonderful job..

Closet communists... I knew it ;)
Thanks for getting out and about to promote the blockchain!

Interesting thought that.... I guess we all really are trying to get to the same end goal... a better life experience for as many people as practically possible. Just have our own, more and less fair ways of getting there

The original version of communist principles - which people on Steem have pointed me to is hundreds of years old and had a strong support in Britain long before there were any fucked up communist states. It really is one of those terms that has been totally corrupted and twisted away from what it originally meant. It's a big topic though and I don't claim to be any expert in it.
I do know that Marx was trying to create a scientific replacement for capitalism that was fairer, but clearly what was produced was nothing like that. There is strong evidence that Trotsky was funded by Max Warberg and others on Wall St. - to fulfill a global strategy related to what turned into WW2.
In any case, I have given up using terms like capitalism and communism because I have found they are too loaded, divisive and always lead to nothing productive. Pointing the conversation towards 'living our passion' and 'unconditionally respecting free will' is infinitely more helpful in solving our planet's challenges. Free will leads the way in each individual finding their own solutions..
The main challenge in that for me right now is that so much of our current paradigm is underpinned by violence - including property rights and 'wealth'. If we suggest that these need to be radically shaped up we get labelled as communists by people who aren't listening and if we ignore the problem we get labelled as capitalists who aren't listening. lol
This is all part of why I want to go and live in a jungle... Provided Nestle (Nest Slay) has left any standing. :/

yes Ura, ever the wise one. I am convinced that blockchain will go a long way to organically improving society, without revolution, shots fired or need to choose one side or another. you will just follow your passion.

Let him know we're honestly working towards the decentralized patreon option... we have a few things to put in place first.

Wow, you drove 5 hours to tell them about steemit !! good trabrajo, I hope they are in love with steemit. :)
Happy Day

Love to see your efforts to make decentralised platforms popular, great video. Hope he will join soon us.
Hope some big names will join us I. Future we need to put our efforts to make this happen

good one. hope to see him on steem!

Hopefully lol

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Amazing Matt, excellent work.

yeah i think if someone made a follow up with a really easy way for sargon to signup and use share2steem to autopost all his youtube videos, like just a steeminvite link + a link and simple nudge to go singup, get teh code for his youtueb account place it in his youtube account settings profile, and then just use #share2steem in teh description & tag of all his videos from now on... it would give him a way to easily use steem... oh if there was a way to have dtube auto download a share2steem youtube vid and reuplaod to dtueb wed have a full system in the bag for backing up videos (if dtube had long term storage lol) maybe self hosted ipfs one day BUT
I think sargon would be open to using steem + share2steem for his youtube videos just so he can have an account somewhere he knows hell never get censored - the blockchain

Yes, cool, we have followed up with him, met him 3 times now. Thing s are looking good for him coming to Steem. We will c what comes

one of the best idea to promote community and video is way to attact business man, creator, every one so my wish is to be play role as new comer ha ha

Sargon might not be all you think.

Yes, I agree, as a man, he has made mistakes that will affect him. But i am not interested in the man, i am interested in the ideas behind the man

I'm really surprised he isn't on Steem. This platform would be perfect for him. Maybe it's because DTube has had so many problems... It would give him another stream of revenue.

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