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RE: The Future of Cryptocurrency - Let's Talk About It

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I am brainstorming a way to onboard content creators from YouTube, along with their following. I am thinking that it only requires 5 Steem in an account for YouTube followers to be able to follow their leaders onto the Steemit platform.

I am considering creating an account for one of the YouTubers recently effected by the Crypto Ban and now unban, along with 100 of their followers.
My first goal is to create a template for such an onboarding and figure out how much time it takes to regenerate RC and create more accounts with my current SP 28k.
My second goal with be to measure how many of those on boarded with very little effort from themselves will actually take the time to post.

I am thinking that if it’s framed around the issues which really matter, free speech, censorship resistance, deplatformation resistance and owning your platform, people maybe attracted to the cause.

Do you have any thoughts or advice based on what you have experienced and learned here on Steemit and in your promotion of Steemit and 3Speak?


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