with @reggaesteem, @taskmaster4450 & @sumatranate - Monday 30 September 2019

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▶️ Watch on 3Speak was broadcast on MSP Waves on Monday 30 September 2019. is a new show all about Steem Tribes and Communities.

The people speaking on this second episode of the show were...

And from the ReggaeSteem tribe we had...

ReggaeSteem have some excellent ideas to promote the tribe and onboard more members, including the ReggaeSteem JAHM Fest in Negril, Jamaica in June 2020.

They also have some innovative rewards for their JAHM holders, including 'Stake & Stay' - if you stake a minimum 100,000 JAHM tokens you can get a stay at various resorts in Jamaica...

The show was hosted by @pennsif.

This recording is also available on YouTube

[ graphics from @pennsif ]

▶️ 3Speak

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Thanks for the splendid series on the Steem tribes @pennsif I think it's important that steem users have an in-depth knowledge of the tribes their using. It educates about the essence of the tribes and this helps to curb abuse. I don't know about the ReggaeSteem JAHM Fest in Negril, Jamaica in June 2020. I think this will help adoption. Amazing thanks for also providing the YouTube version.

It is proving to be an interesting show series to run.

I knew not so much about tribes at the beginning but now I am learning more every week.

@pennsif, I am enjoying the ReggaeSteem Ecosystem and with that boosting aspect is, Practical use cases of JAHM Token. Keep up the good work and stay blessed.

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Yes ReggaeSteem has some great ideas for their token. Definitely one I will be watching.

Have a joyful time ahead.

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Excellent job!

Thank you @steemitqa

I believe it is a nice platform