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Hello Everyone,

Great news! @ThreeSpeak is now on Twitter. Let's help them reach 500 followers.


  • Every valid entry is eligible for a small upvote on their comment based on our own discretion.


Start date: 04 - Sept - 2019
End date: 11 - Sept - 2019 12AM UTC


Upvote & Resteem this post if you are participating.


  • Follow 3Speak's official account on Twitter -
  • Write a tweet or multiple tweets about why you think video influencers should join 3Speak. Tag 3Speak's twitter in the tweet. Use hashtags suggested in the next section.
  • Take screenshot of above activities and add them in a comment of this blog.
  • Also mention 5 of your STEEM friends and ask them to follow 3Speak on Twitter.
  • Upvote and Resteem this blog.


#FreeSpeech, #3Speak


  • Please do not use multiple accounts to make multiple comments. Only one comment per user is allowed.
  • No spamming allowed.
  • In case you are not sure what you are doing, please do not participate.
  • Do not mention anything in comments unless it is related to the task itself.
  • If you do not adhere to above points of this section, you might risk getting downvoted.

|| Follow @oracle-d.tasks for future tasks ||


Followed, will support by sharing with my 7k+ reach on #CryptoTwitter @donaldporterjm (:

Also followed with the official @reggaesteem account!

Cheers and Good Luck


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