Greetings from Hive via Postcard

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This postcard animation is made out of cover photos from Hive blog trending page. Idea of this video is to show how much is going on, on Hive, how productive we are and how much we are enjoying here.
Maybe this video can be useful to be shared on other social networks and other places to attract new users. Video is free to use
Hope you dont mind I used your photos, you are our best of the best and I just wonted to show up with you guys.
@tattoodjay, @acidyo, @meesterboom, @skinnercrypto, @tarazkp, @blocktrades, @nuthman, @delishtreats, @coruscate, @steemcleaners, @good-karma, @kommienezuspadt, @gudnius.comics, @peakd, @khaleelkazi, @travelgirl, @borran, @d-pend
With love from Hive!

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