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Wow! 3 speak added new feature and by my opinion very important one.
I will use my example to explain why is this great.

Having full access to you uploaded work
I upload videos ones a day and after some time it is a lot of videos to keep on my pc that use space.
Now I can always download them from my channel if I want to use them for re-edit or any other purpose.

Other users can download desired video
Al my videos are free to use but some of people who want to use them may not want to paste a link that leads to the blockchain. They may want to use them on offline presentations, or to upload them on other places. Not to mention that by enabling this feature on Threespeak people can come into possession of materials that are banned or censored on Youtube or some other networks.

The downloaded video remains in its original format
For test, I downloaded one of my videos and was surprised when I realized that it remained the same quality and format of the original uploaded one.

Great work @threespeak team!

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