Bitcoin to $6,000? | Why a short-term correction makes sense

in #threespeaklast year (edited)

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awesome!!! so great to see you on steem and 3speak man. thanks for all you do to inform us about this crazy stuff :)

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Welcome Nicholas... it's amazing to see you on our blockchain!! I've been a datadash viewer for over a year now.

Thanks, Meno! :) Much appreciated.

Thank you, Snook. I love the Steem community, and 3Speak is a wonderful addition to it.

I have been on Steem almost 2 years. It's a wonderful place to be free to be just who you are and meet like-minded people.

3speak is really a great addition to the blockchain.

Have you ever thought about doing a series for new people learning about Cryptocurrency? or would your followers not go for that?

asking for a friend :D

I'm hoping to do a lot of beginner material real soon :) Stay tuned!

I will. Thank You for getting back to me!!

Welcome to 3Speak, Nicholas! Pretty messed up an exchange as big as Poloniex won't cover their users after some BS like that. Awesome video mate!


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Super happy to see you with people powered blockchain STEEM

Nicholas, I frequently watch your videos over at EvilTube, but will be switching to watching them over here. So great to have you on board!

Data Dash up in the house! Good to see ya on the steem blockchain and 3speak! 😎

Bout time you got on STEEMIT! Now I can find you content here. I hate YT, and deleted my google account...Welcome aboard!

Welcome Nicholas, nice to see you here 😁👊

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Dear #nicholasmerten
You are most welcome . I think, there was a lot of need for 3speak Blockchain Steemit. Which is easily accessible to your community members in your presentation. This wonderful addition can be acceptable with everyone's choice. You have played a bold role in highlighting the crypt. Now just see how the community gets receptive. Excellent presentation and fluent speech. Thank you from Bangladesh dear friend .

Dear friend #nicoholasmerten ,I'm curious that a small steemian like me could not avoid your eyes. Give me the best time to Upvote and give me the must ReSteem in the best of time. I am grateful Thank you very much.

We are glad to have you on Steem blockchain!

Great video @nicholasmerten. Welcome to 3speak!!

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Welcome to Steem! Awesome to have you here! I’ve watched your videos on crypto for a while - as I think many others in the space have done. Hope you enjoy Steem and all the amazing DApps on here! If there’s anything you need help on, just make a post and the community will be here for ya 🙌🏽

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Oh hey! You're on Steem now. That's awesome!
I've been a regular Datadash viewer for so long... it's so good to have someone with good experience be the voice of reason. You were almost the sole voice for restraint back when BTC was hitting it's ATH and I'm very excited to see you here.

You'll find the comments on the Steem blockchain a little less ridic than on YouTube, so I do hope you enjoy your time here.

Dear @nicholasmerten

Personally I don't think this market is prepared and ready for another bull run.

Within past several months blockchain infrastructure, mass adoption and general knowledge about crypto has been only improving. Another bull run would attract again mostly speculative investors and focus would completely change.


Welcome sir on this platform hope you will like this platform. Correction is necessary, in my opinion it will come near to 5500$ and then it will back to 9000$

@mukhtarilyas, the trend of using bitcoin has been included in the list of government issues in many countries. I predict the value will continue to move positively. @nicholasmerten, is it possible that bitcoin can repeat the glory of 2017. Yes, hopefully ...

Maybe it's high in year 2020 hits 20k

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Hi, if you are the actual Nicholas Merten aka Datadash, then I am a subscriber of your YouTube channel. It will be great if you can talk a little about this account on Steem to prove that it is real. Thanks!

Nicholas has been verified by 3Speak, he is the real deal DataDash!

Cool. Then that's really huge!

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Thanks for checkin' dude!

the BTC is heading back, during the last 2 weeks the alts became stronger, now BTC is bulling

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I don't really think bitcoin will hit that high this year. Perhaps that is my own view on it


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Welcome Nicholas.

I would say your guess is as good as mine or anybody's, this moves on the whims of the big holders they sell, it goes down they buy it goes up, I don't see any trend at all just manipulation.

Great video @nicholasmerten. Welcome to 3speak

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I doubt we see 6K ever again! lol

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