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RE: NextColony Animation & Rune Giveaway: Win One Of The Three Planet Boosters

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Greetings colonists. The alliance to which it belongs is the DELTA-CLAN. To contact you must contact any of the directors, with whom I had the first contact to enter was with my good friend @ unique.sprit. In this clan I have achieved everything you could wish for a brotherhood: they have taught me many things about the game, they treat me with a lot of appreciation (I ask a lot and sometimes I annoy others) ha, ha, ha, truthfully you feel an atmosphere of real brotherhood, where they help me in everything they can.

For the game I would like to see a market or reward system that makes things flow in the game, that gives it an incentive beyond the fun that some of us have in managing resources. Another thing I would like is to implement a system where you can send multiple missions at once, that one selects from once up to 5 or more missions, and that a little more speed to send missions. I thought to put that in help, but I have already bothered a lot with the list of planets and well, thank you have updated that and I can go through my list from the first to the last in a very easy way, I think that's a good improvement and I hope that as well as that, go by adapting every detail to make the game much better.