A village story

Yesterday we did more of washing. I mean manual washing of clothes and it was much I couldn't finish on time so I decided to do this very late.

I decided to paint based on the Images in my head, my village. Growing up as a kid our mother gathered us outside the compound and told us stories orally that I can still narrate one of the stories she told us one night.

I sat down to remember those moments when there was no mobile phone to distract family time. We lived in a village that had no electricity nor any electronic appliances to use. Thinking about those past moments gave rise to this painting below. I know it's quite poor but I can only improve.

When I started it I almost gave up because I was using a bike and I couldn't erase.

I kept going even though I wasn't bringing out the exact image.

Finally it began to look like something I imagined

Last but not the least I finished.

In those days we slept in tach houses, a man who slept in a zinc house was considered a rich man. I remembered those days today and that gave rise to what we have her.

kindly rate my work, I am a novice. I can only improve.


Lol you really tried. I get the picture. A village setting with the huts and people living together. It's not bad at all.

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