Sometimes listening to stories about Libra feels like watching a video where you know something monumental is about to happen, but you just don't know whether it will turn out good or bad for the protagonist. Easy crypto adoption and user friendly: yes please. Sharing control of personal financial information with an a powerful authority who has demonstrated lack of ability to control themselves: hard pass.

Seeing Libra everywhere it's like watching something big soon. Well, it's libra gonna be a positive or negative, we don't know, Let wait and see for now

Libra is literally everywhere. Wherever there is something related to cryptocurrency we see Libra. Although not fulfilling all the aspects of a true cryptocurrency(Decentralised/limited/no big name behind it) it has still managed to bring a lot of attention to the crypto world itself.
No one can deny the skyrocketing of the price of bitcoin after the announcement of Libra.
It is anyways a win-win situation for the cryptomarket.

I think it is up to a point with general adoption but people need to fully understand the differences between this and a true cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin. Libra is-

  • A “crypto ”currency with no limited supply.
  • Is technically a currency within a fiat currency.
  • Has been created by Facebook a company that takes the gold medal for personal data abuse.
  • It’s also not decentralized and you don’t fully control it.

It’s a win/win for the cryptocurrency market. People will get used to online currencies and if you can convert Libra into real crypto’s that’s a plus. Or, Libra will just flop like the last attempt at making a Facebook currency.

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Chris, thanks for providing insight to libra, assume more to come yet.

Hello @marketingmonk that's your every post. I love it cryptocurrency threespeak is great social network I appreciate it. thanks for visiting

I wait for the arrival of Libra as such not to speak ill of this by its administrators but I wish that our personal information is respected and do not take the facebook policy of selling the information to the best postol

So good to watch a video from you again!!! Hope everything is going good for you

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