Why Voice is much more than just another crypto social network

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This is the video version of my Coin Rivet article from 19th June 2019: https://coinrivet.com/why-voice-is-much-more-than-just-another-crypto-social-network/

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I just wish we could use a pseudonym like here on Steemit otherwise I would sign up.

Why would you think you could not do that? You're not going to have your full name shown as the name of your account as far as I understand what the proposal is. Your identity is not made public.

From what I read and have seen online your legal name has to be displayed as to lessen the use of bots and people catfishing each other. That’s why they verify your identity and you have to use your name or business name in your profile.

Do you have a source for that? I always understood Block1 would have your data but it would not be shared with the broader audience. Having your full name linked publicly would certainly be a deal breaker for many...

I saw it in one of their presentation videos and heard it on one of the Cryptoverse podcasts, I believe it was this episode https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/the-cryptoverse/id1117335008?i=1000442277871

@marketingmonk doesn't really say anything about not being able to have a nickname instead of your real name associated to your account. He is just asking some questions at the end of the show.

I think I have seen all of the interviews with @dan bout voice, and as far as I understand your name will not be publicly displayed on voice.

We'll know more when they launch, I guess.

Lets see how it goes! Have a great weekend :)

I will have a look.. What is 3Speak?... thats new 4me... Thanks Chris ...

Thats Magical!

That's Amazing!

Oh Radical!

thanks, good info. i'll sign up with voice just to see what it's all about. love new cool stuff:)

Great explanation for EOS.
We hope it is going to be lunch very soon.
It will be great to have a platform on blockchain offering social network services.

I already signed up for the voice, just waiting.

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Well answering your question.

  1. Developing countries with no Id could get Id created with EOS . EOSID immsure they could build that out someway somehow. It would just take time.
  2. Sign up friction, once earning is involved and hype with excitement many will dive in despite the friction.
  3. Yeah those keys, they have to make more than one way to access the platform. Not everyone wants that physical key.
  4. In this age , the people really using social media want to be known, the remain anonymous few can stay on Facebook lol.
    Good vid, gotta me thinking.,

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I think their CEO is obviously right, when he says most social media just exploit the data of theirs users for advertising, however we're yet to experience the voice and what it can bring to the table and well I've definitely heard a lot about it, and I'm glad you're bringing an in-depth video about it. Cheers buddy thanks for the exquisite video really.

I am looking forward to how rhe experienxe of engaging on blockchains will continue to evolve with the development of the Voice. Given thr Libra announcement, I am sure that more attention will be paid in the future to social blockchains!

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