Michalcidyo's greatest Paiting: Newsteem's Creation

in threespeak •  2 months ago 
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Really nice video. I enjoyed how you explained your point of view about downvotes. It seems that newsteem is winning anyway. Still some of them fighting, but in the end, I think they will just have to accept the new rules. I hope that will help steem to get better. We still need new people in the trending page.

The change will intensify, we're all on a good way here.

We still need new people in the trending page.

I kinda like to explore site on steempeak, that works great. I send some !BEER around, like stuff and comment super small steemians nearly every day.

Hey, by the way, I will add you to @dcooperation community in 3speak. In case you will post something related to steem, applications, motivating steemians, or collaborations, you can add your videos to the community. They will apear here : https://3speak.online/communities/DCooperation.

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I will be happy to see your videos in our community. For now, it's the biggest community in 3speak. ☺

Hey @clixmoney, here is a little bit of BEER for you. Enjoy it!

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That would be very nice. I'll need this week to push my ongoing projects to a certain point and then I can support you as soon as next week.