UNDER THE RAIN 2 - Original theme - Piano song by @lyon89

in threespeak •  last month 

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This is a simple song that I composed, based on a nostalgic and serene environment, with the sound of one of the most beautiful instruments, the piano, UNDER THE RAIN PART 2, I hope you like it.

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I'll like to officially tell you that you're king when it comes to the piano by all means. This one was brilliantly themed I mean the sound brings a nostalgic feeling of hopelessness and sadness and I was really inclined and drawn by it's emotion. It's totally compelling my goodness. Welldone

Oh my friend, thank you for this very complementary and motivating comment, really thanks for listening to each of my works.

It's beautiful the pleasure was definitely mine by all means.

@lyon89, Amazing piece and i want to give this music piece a Title as Story Of Rain ☔.

And it's have indepth Travel essence where both Rain and Music is mending effectively.

And these kind of music will create great effect while night 🌃 rain. Stay blessed.

Thank you my brother


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