Should You Invest in Crypto Dapps?

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Human From Earth asks "Any input on dapps Louis? Any passive income ones?"

Here's my response!

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Following your post yesterday, I researched the Stop To Flow model and came across this this post from MMCRYPTO:

Are YOU Planning to SELL Bitcoin!!? STOP!! THEY are LYING to YOU!! WATCH THIS!!!

Not only is the presentation interesting but also his site.

So you are so scepticle about DAPPS, yet most of the crypto currencies will not eventually exist in the future. Give it a chance!

Why are you holding Ethereum, when you have little faith in DAPPS?

Fat protocol theory - I believe any value created by dapps will accrue in the underlying protocol, whether that's Ethereum, EOS, Steem or whatever else

Of course we have to invest in DAPP, Louis. Because dapp is a money search engine. The more we invest in dapp the more money we make.

Thank you for sharing. I am still beginning to learn about anything related to crypto investment, yours bite sized video is really helpful to grasp the idea bit by bit.

No according to me finance and security would be the major applications of blockchain. Dapps have not proved to gain any significant attention. So I would doubt investing in them.

Definitely yes it is really a good idea to invest in dapps because we don't know what the future may hold

yes you should invest

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Most of the application we use today are dapps. Like facebook and twitter are dapps. In parallelism, steemit is best dapp we have today and everything that was built on steem blockchain can take advantage on fast transaction 3 seconds free transfer. No other blockchain that has the big community like steem

Crypto dapps by far show much more definitive value than other social apps around do why can't we take time to give accreditation and investment on Cryptocurrency dapps? I think it's quite advisable and profitable