Best Altcoin Investing Strategy Right Now? (2019)

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Chris Pheonix says "Give us your input on altcoins - strategies please".

Here's my response!

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Well we both have steem hopefully it’s got a great future. Thanks mike

Fingers crossed!

To all fellow HODLers & BUIDLers.
Remember Warren Buffet' s strategy.
The highest opportunities in investing is when there is the most skepticism.
Now is the time to buy in to your most favorite altcoin!
Mine is $steem ♨️

Also in my opinion the best altcoin investing strategy is to buy those with the most technological improvements...
It gives them intrinsic value.

Don't forget everyone can learn simple technology assessment, risk management and strategy, but not everyone can control their emotions 😅

Emotions are the winning factor 💯

Have a look at BNB token, I see huge potential with the US exchange and futures products doing so well.

@louisthomas, It's really interesting to go through from diversified Investment Strategies, when it comes to Cryptocurrency Space definite answer and strategy is tricky one. But let's see who's strategy will going to attain Fruition. Stay blessed.

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What can you tell me about TRON? At first he had a lot of publicity but apparently they were pure false promises.

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I'll be posting a video about Tron soon!

Hi @louisthomas ,Some Alcoin like Cardano have interesting projects, this is one that I keep for myself, or my inheritors because it seems that it will take time to bear fruit.

Keeping it simple, I like it.

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I think this is the best time to invest some Altcoin because the price is falling. Steem is my favorite because I can mine it by writing on the steemit platform.

Love the Steem Ecosystem!
It's such an awesome community and a passionate group of people. Regardless of the Steem price, or the historical number of the project people are building on it and using it every single day. So many wins, it's hard to list them all. But thank you for showing some love here for Steemians! I already started to like here.

<3 Steem

I'm just having a partial position on altcoins. Would go fully on altcoins once it is clear we are going to get a altcoin season for sure

Currencies are essential to most people around the world, whether they realise it or not, and that is why one needs to secure his money by getting the Right Trading Agent and Right Coin.

Thanks for the video @louisthomas you got a new sub, looking forward to incorporate some of these strategy.

Is Ethereum really an “Altcoin” anymore?
I get by definition Altcoin means a coin other than bitcoin. But should we change the definition or remove that word entirely from the crypto library? I’d argue that Ethereum has so many platforms built atop it that it is no longer an Altcoin. With WBTC being used more in DeFI on the Ethereum blockchain. *Usecase, as discussed by @louisthomas, is important because many other altcoins are backed by the Hype, it would be fun to see which of these altcoins survives in year 2020.

There are few coin with the huge potential ,BNB,ETH,Cardano,XRP etc they will go high