We're About to Witness Another Bitcoin Bubble...

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I want to share some of the reasons why I believe we're potentially at the beginning of another great bubble in the Bitcoin and cryptocurrency space, comparable to what we've already witnessed historically in 2013 and 2017.

In this video, I want to share some of the reasons why I believe this is the case, with the help of some tweets from Nik Jaremczuk along with other data points.

As always, this is just my opinion, and shouldn't be construed as financial advice.

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Everyone has his focus on the halving. Everyone expecting huge gains. I’m not so sure.
Remember bitcoin ETF? Wall Street bonusses? Institutions getting in? Bakkt? ... NOTHING happened.

Do you think it will happen leading up to the halfing. Cheers mike

It's very possible!

Yes, crypto currencies have emerged out of a bear market.

However, all ALT coins are still some 70 - 80% down from the last high whilst Bitcoin is only down 50%. Until Etherreum, EOS, Vechain etc. start to become more adopted with serious mainstream dapps they will just move sideways.

Bitcoin is different as it probably the only crypto currency known to the public and considered an asset like gold.

Interesting theory! If he's right, we will never hear the end to his prediction/theory. Wrong, then it will just fade away.

Though, it is thought provoking.

Many thanks.

We can dream. Hopefully Ethereum makes some progress in defi.

One thing I ask myself is, are these pattern really going to be identical? In the tweet it mentioned a differenve in 2013 and 2017, that's a difference of four years judging by this should we be looking at 2021? Your analysis of that chat is impeccable

We'll soon find out either way! I think the big difference is the market now knows the significance of the halvening events. It could be front-run this time around, which leads to much sooner bottoms and peaks.

Hahaha let's see how it turns out then

@louisthomas, In my opinion we can see this Bubble when it's least expected.

Bitcoin everytime took everyone by surprises and in my opinion to some extent Pump and Dump played it's part in the journey of Bitcoin.

We all are waiting for the new Wave but let's see when it comes and how it will impact whole world. Stay blessed brother.

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Since 2017 we can short BTC and all main cryptos, so they don't need to go up in value for people to make money off of them .. sadly I'm starting to doubt we'll ever see higher levels than 20k ..it just doesn't make sense for me at least, to try and buy over 10k any more .. and I don't see who would buy for more .. to sustain a rally .. I just don't see a catalyst.
Hope I'm wrong cuz I'm pretty invested tho' :) ..

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Excellent assessment of the bubbles.

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All of this history for Bitcoin means nothing in the current context of the economy. As soon as the economy collapses we will be in completely uncharted territory.

I think we are in for some very choppy water going forward. The potential volatility involved in a global worldwide catastrophe where everyone is dumping their value into Bitcoin because it's the only asset that isn't failing... it's hard to imagine really. It's hard to even be bullish regarding such a devastating event. Eh, I guess we'll see.

I was on th outskirts of the blockchain world during the 2017 bull run of Bitcoin. It the Testimonial of that season that brought me to steem.

I am getting prepared for the next and will be glad to testify how it feels to become a $$$$$ - a 5-digit dollar holder.

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It can happen. Bitcoin bubbles or other crypto coins occur according to a four-year pattern and will occur in 2021.

I am sure that the bitcoin will go up even it will cross the previous high :)

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I total my agree, the big move will happen a few months after the halvening in May 2020! 🚀🌝

Looking forward to meeting you at the moon next year Charles :)

Na, let’s meet up at mars 😂🚀

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If it is going to be a bubble then smart investors can make money while dumb investors who chase the highs will lose all of it!