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In this video I have drawn the other 5 random winners. Congratulations to the following winners:


Your Transporter III Blueprint sponsord by NextColony has already been credited to your player accounts.

There's another Giveaway for you! What you have to do is check out my 3Speak channel at https://3speak.online/user/louis88

You can subscribe to my channel, I'd love that, but it's not a requirement for the giveaway. All you have to do is add an interesting creative comment to my contribution. I would like to know what you would like to do with the ingame tokens Stardust. This answer will certainly be easy for you if you already know what you can do with Stardust... but since there is no information yet, I would like to know what you think you should be able to do with them.

Thank you very much and I hope you will join this giveaway! :)

This Giveaway is sponsored by NextColony

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Lately, I have been thinking about using my STARDUST to exchange it for resources. It would not be easy, so it is simply a creative thought for now. I was thinking of transferring STARDUST to whoever sends Transport Missions to my planets with resources, at a fixed price. So when I get a successful drop-off of minerals, I would transfer the equivalent value to the sender.

Then I was thinking that this could even be automated by a skillful programmer, which would make the process easier. With the new Transporters, the opportunity would be opened up to more players who may find themselves at a greater distance. If the idea caught on, other players could do the same, setting their own price, and catering to those planets that are closer to them.

This is only an idea for now. I also like the idea of an internal market, but it would need to be somehow connected to some game building to justify the instance transactions, like for example a STARGATE building that allows you to transfer instantly a certain amount of resources/ships per Level.

Im going to spend my 100k Stardust wisely.

Wow, thanks a lot 😊

You're welcome! :) Thanks for participating!

Thank you. I find I'm spending a lot more time in this game than I expected. I will use this blueprint wisely.

:) great. Yes, use it wisely. U can Activate it only once on one planet :)

I always though stardust could be used to power vehicles instead of uranium. This could cause the ship to move at hyper-drive speed. Maybe something like 1.5 to 2.5 speed boost

Well, there is a possibility of course if to keep Stardust it may become more valuable. But actually would be considering current game play if anything would be very necessary to buy.. So will see, first have to win it, then talk ! :D

Subscribed and notifications on!

Let's try luck one more time :) Probably could by some staff for stardust, but not really sure. First thing have to have some... then decide!
Followed and notifications set!

Koks und Nutten, dafür brauche ich StarDust.

Wofür auch sonst?

Haha... Wenns das mal geben würde

I think i am going to keep it. It seems that it is going to be much more precious. i think that in future some articles that can be purchased by stardust only.

I would like to use the Stardust to buy items (eg Blueprints).
I would also like it if there was an internal market in NextColony as it is on Steemnova, where I can sell ships or planets. auctions would be nice too.

Incidentally, I think it would be cool if you could trade Stardust on Steem-Engine.

Thats some nice Ideas! A market integrated in the Game would be awesome. Trading the Token on Steem Engine can be have the same great effect like the DEC have from Splinterlands.

Nice. (:

Hey Oli. Here is your well deserved !BEER for avoiding dRama :)

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Thank you very much, I appreciate that. (:

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If u draw for 6 Winners.... I Will get it again...lol

Thank you very much ;)

Thank you, too. Thank you for participating in the giveaway. I hope you will join the next :)

Awesome! Thanks mate

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U are awesome :) Thanks for participating! Sorry I mispronounced your name. :-P

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Thank You!

🙌 Thank you! 🙌

I am going to keep it. I have feeling that it is going to be much more precious. Might be there are some articles that can be purchased by stardust only.

I think there will be a lot to do and buy with the Stardust.

I like that idea.

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