Announcement of the first 5 winners. + another 5 Transporter III Blueprints to win!

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In this Video i'm announcing the first 5 Winners of the Giveaway with the Random Picker Tool from @snackaholic SteemFortune ->

The Winners are:


Congratulations to you 5! The Blueprints will be send shortly to you!

To keep informed for the next Giveaways check out my Blog or my 3Speak.Online Channel.

This Giveaway is sponsored by NextColony!

To Enter for the next 5 Blueprints - leave me a Comment and tell me something whats on your mind regarding @nextcolony.

Thanks and see u!

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Giveaway First Round Update #1:
Since the Steem user @lichtblick has won a Blueprint, but does not play NextColony, I would like to give the user @lichtblick the opportunity to make a statement about what should happen with his prize. Do you want the Blueprint to be raffled again or do you want to play the game and claim the prize, or do you want the prize to be transferred to another player? I would be happy to hear from you. Thank you and many greetings

I'd would like to own a blueprint for those. Research skills are getting expensive and I don't think I can go much longer without pooling resources from multiple planets. And I am very sad that will take a mission control slot away from explorations. But with the large capacities of this transporter I'd save such a huge amount of time :P

I'm spending maybe a bit to much time playing this game.

Nice giveaway. Would love to win a blue print :D

Oh.. I totally missed the first round. I'm still a little space ape in nextcolony. A bigger transporter would be very nice to move resources. Or to trade with other people. Right now I think it's a bit too "Pay to win". On the other hand I don't think there's a short-term goal you can win or lose by paying or not. Soooo.. I'm exploring further into space with my few explorers.

Cheers and good luck

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i hope i can hold my last day on 1. Place destroying ships on @nextcolony ! :)

Ich finde deine Aktion ziemlich cool. Leider hat mir bisher die Muße gefehlt mich in 3speak reinzudenken, bzw ich war zu faul.

Ich habe heute endlich meinen vierten Planeten bei Nextcolony gefunden und da wäre so eine Blueprint natürlich schon was tolles um mein Imperium weiter auszubauen. Schließlich habe ich es noch nicht hinbekommen meine Ressourcen so auf den Planeten zu verteilen, dass ich auch nur einen voll ausgebaut hätte. Meine Minen hängen immer noch bei Level 16-17. Aber es geht stetig vorran 😎

Danke an @oliverschmid für den Hinweis auf die Aktion.

Ich würde gern noch einen Blueprint "abstauben", um ihn dem anderen Account, mit dem ich spiele, zukommen zu lassen. Vielleicht klappt es dort ja irgendwann mit Planetenfunden; bei meinem eigenen Spiel sieht es mau aus, ich kam offenbar zu spät.
Wenigstens bin ich so kein Angriffsziel und kann weiter in meinem Tempo ausbauen.
Irgendwann Handel treiben wäre toll, mal sehen, wo es mit dem Spiel hingeht.

ich hätte gern so einen Blueprint und dabei geht mir durch den Kopf, dass ich mit einem ausreichend großen Transporter meine Rohstoffe endlich zur DACH-Colony liefern könnte um sie gegen DACH einzutauschen 😉

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Ah danke ich hab es gesehen bevor du es angekündigt hast. Danke nochmals.

I need Transporter to rebuild the Imperial Fleet.

That is Awesome competition, well done for the winners in this contest. I would like to be part of this contest to also win some coins!

Du erhieltest aufgrund deiner LanaCharleenToken ein Upvote von @sebescen81 und von @lanacharleen alt-Text
Vielen lieben Dank für euren Support. Der Account meiner Tochter wächst und gedeiht.

Good luck all!

I wish I could queue up all my actions. Would make it easier to play.

It's all fun and games until someone loses a planet.

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I exclude myself from participation.

The other day someone asked me if it was true that the only reason @nextcolony upvotes my posts is because I buy items from their store? And I said ABSOLUTELY NOT! @nextcolony has ALWAYS supported my creative project, literally from Chapter 1, Page 1! I didn't buy anything from the shop for months! Don't believe me? We're on the blockchain, you can check for yourself! That's what's on my mind.

Thanks @louis88 for all that you are doing to promote this great project. I don't have promotion skills, otherwise I'd be doing more to help get the word out!

You don’t receive everyday a 🏆 from @louis88 👏🏻
Congratulations to the blueprint winners.
I observed the competitive spirit of everyone during the contest period.
Making impacts through creativity & leadership ability.
Congratulations to all the winners!

When I see the word @nextcolony i yearn of venturing into space simulation with RPG elements.
Which is a very rare thing from where I come from (Kenya, Afrika).
And I would be so glad to be the first African receiving this worthy giveaway.
More to that I would also like to build & expand my steem-token portifolio by earning tradeable collectibles built on the steem blockchain.

Life is a game and I want to play it on #STEEM

Why am I playing Nextcolony? Someone says that it is boring. For me, it's relaxing. 10-20 minutes a day where I can disconnect the brain from the problems of the real life (and that, I believe, could be REALLY boring!) and fly into the space, check what my neighbors are doing and planning dreams of conquest. Totally worth it 😁

Mission control is one of the most important skills to upgrade, I'm at level one and I've been struggling to explore the space west to me.

That being said is Explorer III on development?

Somehow I missed completely two giveaways by @nextcolony. Actually just right time to finally get transporters working :) So crossing fingers

Finally have small empire of few planets and definitely need better transporter! Would be much appreciated :D

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