Monero - XMRUSD-404% Profit Expected -Technical Analysis for 3Speak Community

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Monero - XMRUSD - Technical Analysis for 3Speak Community - 31%-404% Profit Expected

Don't Miss This Profitable Opportunity ... 4x - 5x Gains Expected.

Target Profit Range - 51 - 169

(31%-404% Profit Expected)

TP - 1 - 51
TP - 2 - 74
TP - 3 - 100
TP - 4 - 124
TP - 5 - 147
TP - 6 - 169

Buying Zone! Long Position

Early Entry Trigger Point - 36 - 39
Ideal Entry Trigger Point - 32 - 35

For detailed chart analysis please check my blog post on steemit by visiting the following URL

Good Luck.!

Disclaimer - This is not financial advice. This is my personal view and analysis of this chart.

If you follow this idea please plan your trade according to your lot size and account equity.

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Monero coin can go upto $85 or more but yes on the safest side it will go upto $75.I agree with you.

yes it's always good to be safe :)

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@tipu curate

I will keep an eye on your given entry points.And yes I agree it has a lot potential.

Thanks :) yea it's a good one to keep an eye on :)

Thanks for giving us the entry points for this coin.I will keep looking at it :)

My pleasure.:) I hope my analysis helps you make money :)

Monero is a very good investment .You are right .

yes indeed a great investment.

I will wait for the ideal entry point.Thanks for the analysis

Yes , Better to wait for maximum gains. :)

I like your analysis ,I just subscribed your channel I will follow you. :)

thanks really appreciate your support.. and I just watched your first video, it was quite interesting.
We all welcome you here on 3speak. it's an amazing platform for genuine content creators.