Bitcoin Prediction Came True :) 32% Profit in 20 Days - Have You Made Money?

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Bitcoin Prediction Came True :)

32% Profit in 20 Days

I posted this Analysis On 6th Oct,2019

Bitcoin Price At The Time of Prediction was $7819

Target Profit -2 Hit - 10300

26th Oct,2019

Higest BTC Price

Predicted TP 2 BTC Price

I'm Happy For All Who Followed My Analysis and Made A Good Profit.:)

Target Profit Points
TP2- 10300

Good Luck.!

Disclaimer - This is not financial advice. This is my personal view and analysis of this chart.
If you follow this idea please plan your trade according to your lot size and account equity.

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I was closely monitoring and following you since you posted your first analysis and I must say you know your job well.:)

thanks and I really appreciate your support. All the members here on 3speak are very kind and supportive which keeps me motivated to post my analysis on a regular basis.

That's great. Can you give analysis for dogecoin? I invested in doge coin 1 year ago and I am not sure what to do with it. Should I re invest in it or not? If you can provide a detailed analysis on that I would appreciate it.

yea sure I'll do it for you.. In couple of days.

Your are great man.Your analysis really worked.

Thanks really appreciate your feedback :)

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@tipu curate

Yes i did close my position on 10,300 I follow your charts, :)

that's great.. happy for your. :)

That's great.more than 30% in 20 days.That's nice

thanks for your appreciation. hope you made some profit too.:)

this is amazing .I will wait for the 2nd chance this time :)

yea .. check my video and go through it and if you agree then you can follow the idea.