Speed drawing - Woman - Exclusive for threespeak ✔️

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Greetings artists and art lovers

Welcome to my little art blog, I present a new video tutorial, where we will create designs with colored pencils, I hope you can appreciate my art and enjoy the process, if you like what I do your support will fill me with courage and motivate me to follow, a comment will always give joy to the author ... LET'S START ...

I hope you like it!

It is a pleasure to show you my art through a video, I hope that the next few minutes will be entertaining for you and that I can contribute something of value to the community and the facilities of the 3Speak platform


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excellent work, certainly to capture the feminine beauty deserves all the recognitions, great work done by you, continues to delight us with your art, continue so, greetings

Cariño! porque tenes tu nombre rojito? yo aprendiendo mas sobre esta increíble plataforma.
Me encantan tus diseños, soy tu fan desde tus comienzos.
Quiero mejorar mi maquetado aca, cuando colocas la descripcion, acepta los codigos de maquetado?

Hola cariño 🤗
¿Tengo el nombre rojo 😲 ? Enterandome jaja
Sí cariño la descripción de threespeak acepta los códigos inténtalo, gracias por ver mi video y apoyarme con un comentario 🤗

How fascinating the way you delicately draw female faces. Perfect combination of colors used for the skin. How nice when you apply volume to her face and we can appreciate the pretty face of the character in the play. His look and gray eye color are perfect with a penetrating look sure and seductive. I love the result of this work and delicate feminine face that overflows beauty. Thank you for always sharing and taking us on that beautiful journey through your videos in this beautiful and enchanting world of art through painting. A great greeting and a nice Sunday for everyone.

You have to study very well the shapes of the face, it takes a long time making the sketch that is why I can not record it, it is still difficult to paint it, but I like to do it, and with daily practice it will be all easier, Greetings🤗

This is another great drawing from you bro ! And as usual, you've done it amazinG !!! Loving the masterpieces you bring :)

Keep Them Coming !!

It's great that you like my daily drawings, it's a pleasure for me to share with the community 🤗

wow so nice.. I really enjoy your art works.. It is a nice drawing you choose to show us.. thank you for sharing, keep it up good works <3

For me it is a pleasure to receive your comments, you are also an excellent artist, I like to be surrounded by people like you, thanks for your comment 🤗

thank you so much dear @jordangerder.. I'll be happy to :) <3

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Painting faces is quite complicated, they look great on you!

Complicated, if it is, the human face has so many volumes, so many gaps, that only with practice can we achieve good results, thanks for your comment 🤗

Amazing drawing!

Thanks my friend 🤗

very cool man, blond hair is awesome on her face 🤗 , i like your drawing videos bro✌️

Thanks so much my friend 🤗

how beautiful painting 😍 , your coloring skills also is great my friend
have a great day

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excellent work, certainly to capture the feminine beauty deserves all the recognitions, great work done by you, continues to delight us with your art, continue so, greetings

I always admire artist because i am also a art lover. This is good

Thanks my friend 🤗