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Greetings artists and art lovers

Welcome to my little art blog, I present a new video tutorial, where we will create a digital design using simply our Android phone or tablet, with the IBISPAINT X drawing program, I hope you can appreciate my art and enjoy the process, if you I like what I do your support will fill me with courage and motivation. To follow, a comment will always please the author. LET'S START ...

I hope you like it!

It is a pleasure to show you my art through a video, I hope that the next few minutes will be entertaining for you and that I can contribute something of value to the community and the facilities of the 3Speak platform

Song: Fredji - Flying High (Vlog No Copyright Music)
Music provided by Vlog No Copyright Music.
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Que bonito que cada artista tiene su toque especial cuando pinta. Este muñeco se parece al que sale en Toy Story 4.

Que cruel jaja aún no he visto Toy story 4 pronto 😍
Gracias amiga 🤗

Worthy to make a movie about him.

Yes, my friend, terrifying 😐

This beloved character is mysterious but I like him very much. The color in his eyes seems as if he is furious. This friend is very elegant and I like that very much. This design is very good but I don't want it to come out at night and scare me. Good work for this day of today dear friend. This puppet has a very nice tone in her hair that matches her skin color. Creative and varied works that you always show us. It is a pleasant pleasure to always enjoy and delight me with your videos and all the process you carry out for these magnificent creations in digital design. I hope not to see on my way today in the dark night this puppet not to die of fright. Have a nice night and a great day. Excellent presentation. Happiness and love for all.

It's definitely brilliant, looking at the eyes and well I remember a character in the movie Gotham when I look at this painting. The truth is that it's amazing. I love the hair region, the eyes was the best.