Interview With Vice News Part 1

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Vice News contacted me and wanted to speak to me about Brexit and the frustrations of the electorate. Now Vice News haven't had anything nice to say about me in the past see the links below

The Week We Met a Wannabe Tommy Robinson in ... - Vice › en_uk › article › the-week-we-met-a-wannabe-tom...

I thought I handled it quite well and I wasn't the Crazy, Far Right Extremist they were looking for!

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Vice News? Don't take it personally mate, media Personalities do have this penchant to be overly conflicting I could still see that you handled it professionally well by all means.

@jamesgoddard, Betrayal, it's really expected aspect in current world system.

But most importantly these kind of events are not observed by common public effectively.

The reason behind this ignorance is, there is so much is happening and when so much happens people cannot concentrate. Stay blessed.

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