Vlog 430: 7 cool things that are happening on Steem currently.

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My current goal is to reach a quarter million Steempower.

About 70% of what I have I bought, the rest I earned.

It's very hard to earn STEEM nowadays and with HF21 I expect it will be even tougher.

I'm dollar averaging in daily.

I'm well on my way towards my goal, and hopefully, the price will stay low for a little while longer so I can get there the easier way.

Cool things that are happening on Steem currently.

  1. 3speak.online opened up for the public.

  2. The date for the hard fork is set for the 27th of August, 2019.

  3. Reviewhunt by @steemhunt will come out today (not mentioned in the video).

  4. Guilds have come out for Splinterlands.

  5. Dporn did an airdrop to PAL stakeholders and the tribe is growing.

  6. Steem-Engine crossed 1 million STEEM on the pegged token Steemp. Which means over a million STEEM is now stored on Steem-Engine.

  7. I delegated my Splinterlands cards to a service called Heron Unlimited, another player will play with my deck sharing rewards 50/50, while I never losing ownership. (Eat that Heartstone).

The time to build your foundation on Steem is now. I have been doing it for 3 years.

I talk about it more in my vlog.

I am part of witness @blockbrothers.

Please consider us for your witness vote if you think we deserve it here:

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Hahaha, I thought I was doing pretty good when I reached 6000 SP yesterday. It seems I have a long long way to go yet! Actually, my goal now is 10k, but I know it is going to take me a significant amount of time to get there since I probably won't be purchasing more any time soon.

With 6000 SP you are slowly entering the top 2000 of SP holders. That's not bad at all, man. Keep building!

Wow, we share the same goal!

Well I'm currently pitching towards 5000 which may not seem like a big number but I have worked on it and I am loyal to steem, so of course I am rooting for the turnaround. Being such a low number I know that the hard Fork will affect me and my earnings, but I'm trying not to let that deter me and buying when and where I can. The price is so in love with that one can hardly resist.

I feel like things are working their way towards gold. I'm excited about the three speak, but more for the people that are using it as opposed to myself. I'm more of a posting person as opposed to being on screen. Maybe someday. In the meantime I thank you for all the new updates and I had not heard about Heron Unlimited but I am sure that it's going to make the load lighter on a lot of people. As always I wish you a most wonderful day!

Thanks for the !tip

I'm also feeling that Steem is working towards something great. To be actively part of it and being able to shape your own path in it is pretty damn cool. Much cooler FB ever was :)

Thank you so much for your cool comment and you have a wonderful day too!

My pleasure!

I wish i have enough cards to delegate except i delegate all of a certain splinter and avoid all quests that has to do with that particular splinter. My fire splinter is the weakest presently or is it my light splinter. lol.
The guild thingy i am yet to join up. I guess i don't know what will be asked of me and if i will be able to give it.
August 27th! we waiting. I hope there is steem available but mostly i hope the steem-engine tokens thrive. i can put steem on auto power up and turn my mind to those tokens staked in my steem engine wallet.
Dporn? interesting the varied opportunities available here. I need every token even if i might never post there. I can curate though and with the 50%/50% curation reward, it won't be such a bad idea.

thank you for the update @exyle

@exyle, Without any doubt so many exciting projects and aspects are aligned and i agree with you on point that, now is the time to create solid Foundation on the Steem Blockchain.

And whatever is happening here it's a boost and showcasing lot of potential. Stay blessed.

wao Congratulations 😊 good that you can reach so many steempower ... I am trying to reach 1000 SP, but as I can not buy ... I go like the turtles, little by little jajaja... but they are achievements that satisfy. Steemit is a great platform, I hope that all changes make this a better place every day and that it benefits us all.
Happy day.

Dont forget the launch date of SMTs in September Exyle ;)

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Another milestone to look forward to!

Thanks for the update @exyle... looking forward to HF 21 :)

Things will change around here, that's for sure.


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I am here just trying to keep up with all that is coming out every single day. I hope 3speak will bring more video content creators and I can't wait to see what they are up to.

I read it and upvoted it. Man, that was useful! Thanks so much.

thank you dude! i'd love to talk about that on a show sometime. love what you are doing also with the weekly show -- stack those tokens! :)

Hi @exyle, thanks for mentioning us! We have just launched Reviewhunt - https://review.hunt.town/ :)

I saw! Congratulations! I'm following the project with a lot of interest. Would love to have you on my Radioshow one day on MSP waves. Although I always fear the time difference. (It's 7 pm UTC). Let me know on Discord if you are interested.

in all those things loved the Steem-Engine point where that is utilizing the steem within the ecosystem that's great :D

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