Vlog 420: Why I'm buying STEEM again.

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This morning I talk about why I'm buying STEEM again.

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Way to go!
You're awesome :)
"I will buy Steem until i can't buy no more.."
I will buy some this month too, after some bills
got paid... just learning the double log-in with
Dtube/DTC and Steemit/Steem...
and i will join 3Speak, too..
Great Motivation.
Mille grazie.
Give thanx.
Dankeschön :)
Buona domenica

Reward vs Risk!! People who buy on the lows will always win big for years to come 😀

That's the plan :)

Another excellent video. I agree completely with you. Unfortunately, with my job situation, I am not in a position to add to my STEEM holdings at this point but it is a worthy move.

There is so much going on with this blockchain it is making my head spin. I can't keep up with it all. Over the last few months, it only accelerated. There is no reason this will not continue.

We are going to see the day where we hit the elbow of the exponential curve and then there is no turning back. Many will be kicking themselves for not taking advantage of what is discussed on here daily. It is easy to be negative and point out the obvious.

However, big money is made when one can tune out the noise and see what is really happening.

Keeping up is very difficult indeed! I know you make a good effort to do so. And like me, I'm sure you enjoy the research process a lot!

I see the fact that we have trouble keeping up as a very good sign!

Now combine that with the fact that STEEM will be more difficult to 'earn' for everyone moving forward. This is a given. It was a given before I even knew about HF21. HF21 will just make this happen faster.

So, it will be harder to earn and if the price goes up it will be harder to buy with fiat.

Then the only question when buying is: will STEEM be more or less valuable then it is today?

Now research comes into play. I know that having STEEM is not about selfvoting and what you can give yourself that makes it valuable, maybe it still is a bit today, but this will change. I know you already know this.

I see STEEM as the token that powers the whole blockchain and also what is build on top of it. When this place grows everyone will need it at least a little bit of STEEM for RC's alone. And then there is only 338 million to go around.

More users will come because STEEM is growing in usability, communities, and apps.

It's a long game for sure, but I have time and Steem makes sure I am not bored in the meantime. I can build here every single day!

Sorry for going a bit off track there!

8 hours a day to research Steem, write about it, vlog about it and use it!

I agree that you're in the top 10 but guess what?

I'm right behind you and I only spend an hour or so a day at it.

Want to know my secret?

I've got this cool app called "Steemify" from the witness @blockbrothers"! It alerts me to every time @exyle posts and then I watch or read what he has to say! DONE!


Haha, you are much more efficient than I :)

And thanks for showcasing our witness @blockbrothers app called Steemify!

I think you are buying Steem again because of the bull run that we will be lucky to experience this 2019. Therefore, the is the need to hauld or power up more in order to get more to sell. @exyle I prefer this idea self about increase of steem in your account for the lean season, as this is indeed oneof the market strategies for those business minded people. Thank you for the nice video you have for us in 3speak!

Nice video! What an auction website can do for your view on Steem ^^

Thats COOL man. Need more and more passive investor to get token valuable in the market. ☺️👍

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Thanks a lot for remide me it again..!!

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Oh Radical!

STEEM price is currently very low and I would have loved to buy some so that I could at least have 10000 SP for myself but the Banking Ban in India is hurting us a lot so all I can do now is earn as much SP as I can which is why I have all my Post at 100% Payouts.

I believe this is the Time to accumulate as much STEEM as anyone can so I am doing just that.

BTW I recently started Vlogging, I am not very good with it but I was wondering how you had you Camera at that Angle. Are you using a big Tripod?

I use a $5 selfie stick with a clamp that holds my phone and I attached it to a garden chair in front of me.

You got my witness vote,
i hope it reached!

Thanks for the support!

You're welcome.
Let's fight for what we love!
Being financially free, so everyone
can do what they really love to do!
That changes the world!
It starts with Freedom of Speech and
the rest of our unalienable rights.

Just wanted to know How to do i host my content on 3speak. Loads of content waiting. Any help will be really appreciated.

You have to apply and get approved. They made a post about it under their account.

Okay. I will check it out. Thank you so much!

You had the briefest of (sort of) breaks from Steem and as a result you've come back even harder!

Love that.

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It helped to clear the mind for sure.

is there a market overview for all the steem tokens out there? I mean, with uptodate market price token/steem


Dank je wel.

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Did you ever consider what's the sweet spot to say "I have enough SP?"?
I mean, given that I always powered up, I felt reaching 1K was difficult, 5K was a bit less difficult and the journey from 5 to 10K is even easier.
Given that you have over 200K, what's the sweet spot where you can just roll with the curation and everything else?
50K SP?

We will surely "infest" the cryptospace with the stability and efficiency of the STEEM blockchain. I get this feeling everytime I have to use another coin and wait for TR confirmations, TxID and a lot of more painful stuff, such as using complex addresses to send tokens @exyle

The sweet spot I guess all depends on the current STEEM price, how much STEEM you can generate and how much you need to cover your monthly expenditure.

Love all the positivity, not to mention your Vlog Episode # 😀

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Congrats on reaching vlog 420! No doubt you are a Steem expert. You can't go wrong with the but low sell high model! It's sure exciting as we wait it out and trust that liftoff is coming! Enjoy your day @exyle! Steem on 🎶🎵🔥🍻

Seems you almost go all in- respect.
I like your positive energy for steem and all project around it.
When it come to me, I still see "Steem" mainly as a social media platform and a social media platform is just as strong as its user base- so there is a lot of room for improvement, but if you are too slow other platforms will outperform you.
Just remember what happened to MySpace, Vine, Friendster, Buzz and many more.

Fair enough. I know everyone has a different vision about what steem is. And if you feel that way you are doing the right thing.

I personally, see it as the beginning of the biggest social economic ecosystem in the blockchain space and a huge opportunity for myself.

"I will buy Steem until i can't buy no more" Yes!! Of this I am sure and have never wavered.

Haha! Now I just learned from the old dog, @Kus-knee about Steemifyand I will never miss an @exyle post again.

Steemin on!

Thanks always for the !tip

@exyle, For many Steem Blockchain became new world of Activities for sure. And as you said, so much is happening on the Steem Blockchain and it's so engaging that whole day we are interacting with Steem World.

Have a wonderful Steem journey brother. Stay blessed.

Hi @exyle
Steem is a platform for long term and I feel this is the best time to own as much steem as possible because later getting it at this price wont be possible. Steem community is growing at larger scale and lots of things are happening in steem blockchain. You are doing great work and inspiring many to do so. Have a great weekend

How inspiering!

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Steem will pump soon. Just keep buying!

True,true ;)

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Looking at the current scenario this is the perfect time to pick more btc dominance too is back at the same bull market level

It's not the best to be heavily invested like this, but... I'd say it's not the worst timing to be buying more STEEM neither.

Second but... I hope you also have an exit strategy ready. STEEM is not just going to go up and then stay at that level. It will crash down afterwards.

In my opinion, when/if the price starts going parabolic, it's time to start powering down. Later on, there will be a price level where you can buy in with Euros once again.

If you don't, you will likely be missing out on one/several million(s) of Euros in profit.

I understand you like STEEM like a lot, but it's not a religion.

I suppose he's more like a passive investor

I'm definitely looking into seeing how much steem I can get my hands on as well. To be honest, at prices like this and considering how the market has been/can be in the future...
I don't think it's a bad decision whatsoever to make at the very least, a small investment into steem at the current prices. I honestly feel like steem trading at anything under 80 cents is a steal! Especially when you consider it's potential to double or even triple that, and beyond! :)

Another one of your posts the other day inspired me to buy more steem...Not a ton...But about 300 more.

As long as the steem price is low, it is good to buy. So when the price goes up, you will see the reward!

by the way, i think there is alot of going on. But i wish steem community would come up with an own discord like project. "if you are not paying, your are not the customer, you are the product being sold."

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I really hope you are right. BTC has been performing way better :(

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Very enthusiastic ending! I admire you are so passionate about Steem. Lights up the day for many Steemians. Sort of like a video podcast.

I enjoyed listening to your perspective.

Can I upload on threespeak?

Thank you for sharing this video.

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