Vlog 433: Why I am still buying STEEM.

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I keep getting the question of why I am still buying STEEM at these prices.

I answer that question in this vlog.

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I agree with this. This is the perfect time to jump on in and buy a lot of Steem.
For me, I am not really selling Steem a lot but I think of Steem as a 20 year investment for my retirement.
So, even if I don't have an income or if I lose a job or something, I am still motivated to create material for this platform.
Whether it's art or a DTube video or even play Steem Monsters. I love Steem-Engine too. I am staking tokens for now but eventually I will start buying and selling them regularly when I residual tokens start pouring in.

Theres a shit ton of risk with steem being a retirement investment. I really try to not think of this as an investment and more of it as a buisness.

Its a double edge sword, one side says that steem will rise, but steem will only rise if the excess is soaked up by someone, but for someone to soak up the massive amount of liquid steem out there, then there must be a real market demand. its hard to find that many users until DAPPs really begin to take off for a specific reason. When that might be? Im not sure. Maybe the world isnt ready for DAPPs yet.

It's not the sole investment, but I am powering up the Steem I have over the next 20 years or so. Jobs are going to be hard to come by then and retirement age is being pushed back further and further. Corrupt and evil governments are punishing oeople on welfare.

So this is an account gaining 2% interest that they don't know about.

I am not going to be buying too much Steem with FIAT, rather I will doing what I can to earn it on the block-chain itself.

FIAT itself doesn't have a certain future either.

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Such an awesome message man....Actually USING this stuff everyday really helps calm the fears. I've been so busy recently building on the blockchain and bringing people over...I haven't even noticed the price until tonight lol

Too funny.

The long term vision of this stuff is being realized. The individual communities are coming and the tribes are forming! If this is just a taste of what's to come, how can you not be excited?

Once again dude, you are the voice of reason in this madness. Keep crushing it man!

Thanks, man! Same to you and I wish you all the best with building CTP on Steem!

Another great reason for buying STEEM (which has less to do with fundementals): At one point SBD will stop being converted to Steem, and when steem starts going up, it's inflation will decrease massively because rewards will instead be paid out in SBD.

Yes! I wrote about this same thing a few days ago!

If you are a good investor, "buy low, sell high" is all you need to say to justify your decision. The only problem is that people have no patience and to them buying now seems like a dumb decision. But in reality, this is what you always should do.

Unfortunately, I´ve stopped buying STEEM months ago, not my choice, but my bank account doesn´t allow me to do it anymore :D

I am buying more to get more Steem Monster cards even though it has been more painful to do so these days. Maybe save some for powering up too!

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Mark if You buy enough STEEM I will Actually be RICH One Day @exyle

Haha! Good one :)

I'm also buying i see it as my future side busines and now need to position myself well.
I wanted something like 25k to 50k steempower!

Good luck, achieving your goal!

Steem is so cheap nowdays....1750 satoshi per steem?
I hate even thing about how I've paid 70K-80K, and even 260K satoshis for 1 steem.
Would I be more smart and patient in the past, I could have today 50-90 TIMES more Steem than I have now...

If you feel like STEEM will be harder to earn in the future why do you feel that the price will go up? People aren't going to get excited about dumping $10,000 into something to try to earn an extra $10 from it in a month when they could have just bought Litecoin or Bitcoin and just watched the price appreciate more.

Personally I don't think it makes sense to keep buying STEEM because it can't even keep up with Dogecoin or Bitcoin Gold.

Even with the fact you are able to earn from it you can't earn fast enough to even make up the difference and you spent a ton of time.

STEEM was always supposed to be harder to earn. We have a fix reward pool and with more people joining and competing over it, it would always be more difficult regardless of HF21.

I'm honest in my vlog that BTC would have been the better buy from a pure investment point of view. Looking at the charts it's hard to claim anything different.

I'm buying Steem for the reasons outlined in my vlog. I'm building a foundation.

I'm happy that even you will always need a little bit of SP to comment on Steem. You got to admit that is at least a small reason to have some Steem.

All the best.

I'd totally be buying if I had the spare funds right now. It is really only a matter of time before the investment we have all been making in the platform comes to fruition. That is the hope anyway!

I do miss those times when Steem was a blogging platform and content was king but I suppose I have to move with the times. I am happy to see that Bitcoins price no longer raises or lower all boats. It is pushing the Alt coins including Steem to prove itself and with it's strong community I think it has a great head start. I only recently started watching you Vlogs and i is good to hear the enthusiasm.

  ·  19 days ago (edited)

A lot of Dapps build on Steem need content so it's still extremely important.

I admire your work and enthusiasm in this space. We need more people like you

Mark, what are your thoughts on EOSIO? I personally love Steem, but I also recognize other blockchains that are making headway in the dApp space.

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I have EOS but I don't do anything with it. Steem takes all my time.

This was great. It was just what I was asking you. It is nice to hear that you are confident in the blockchain. Seeing the prices so low really makes me want to buy. Thank you forna great vlog. Be well.

Thank you and good luck building your community, theinnerblocks, on Steem!

Thank you

I am with you on this one. When I leave work today, I will be buying about $100 worth of steem. I believe in it and its future, although, I also believe the blogging part of it will play a much lesser part and the communities will rule. Perhaps a little bit of nostalgia on my part, but, I do enjoy the poetry and writing part of steem.

But, moving ahead, I cannot for the life of me see why people aren't buying. Apprehension? Jumping ship? When steem rises, how many will be sad they didn't buy? Although, I must say, everyone has to do what is right for them. If I didn't feel so confident, I might not buy either.

Thanks for the booster talk and laying things out. Have a fabulous night!


@exyle , can you explain is here possible to reach low limit in price when steem can be shutdown? For example if it will cost 0.001$ for 1 steem, witnesses will be in the game with any price of steem?

how do you buy?

it is so simple.

Because you believe that one day steem prices will rise and normal again.

Everyone is doing the same this is a great opportunity of a lifetime

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I never bought Steem.
I never felt the money I could spare would be worth putting here as it would get me little steem, and I could grow my account faster organically.

I got around 4000 SP by just posting and commenting, and I'll keep accruing it in the future. Compounding is helping now.

You are right about collecting cheap steem during this period. The higher amout of steem power you hold the higher is the impact on the support of project on the steem blockchain.
Hope you reach the amount of steem power you plan to hold before the bear market end.

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Thank you for posting this👌👍

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You're totally intimately involved, dude. You have PORN tokens! 🤪

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