Steem's NOT Dead.....

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Eh. There's just vibes on here that maybe isn't sitting well with some people, but I feel it's not as bad as we imply the platform to be. I am a little disappointed Steem is really struggling in this mini alt pump, but that's not to say Steem is dead right?

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Nice post! I like it.

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Thank you so much 😍

I'm seeing and feeling the complete opposite, I'm really enjoying my time here. Any negative thoughts just fly past me, they do not deserve a second of my time.

While the price is down, it's only important if you are going to trade the Steem back to FIAT.
For me, I haven't taken Steem out of the ecosystem. I have always re-invested it back into either Splinterlands or powering up to upvote or delegate the SP out to projects that I think need my support.

This video is doing well in terms of Steem. When the price is down, think of it like a bargain discount so that you can buy more. Even if it doesn't, if you saved your Steem for 30 years you could power down for a comfortable retirement. :D

Although, it would be good to have the money long before then. :D

Steem is a community that continues to grow and despite the low price we currently know that this can change. What we see in this community, members and people who create their content is something that is not seen in other social networks. Steem is special.

Steem es una comunidad que sigue creciendo y a pesar del precio bajito que este actualmente sabemos que eso puede cambiar. Lo que vemos en esta comunidad, los miembros y las personas que crean su contenido es algo que no se ve en otras redes sociales. Steem es especial.

Definitely not dead, in March of 2017 I could've joined but I didn't because steem was 7 cent really but fast forward to 9 months later it was $8 by all means. So change can take place, I believe the time of Steem will come it might take long is the only thing