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I just logged in and got this:

Before I can accept...

What exactly is "violence"?

My activism involves civil disobedience of unjust cannabis laws here in Canada. Sometimes, police use violence to break up our peaceful protests and markets. Would something like this be against the rules because it is "footage of violence"?


Calling for violence, I get that.

Footage of violence, that's open to a wide array of stuff I'd want to see on a free speech platform. You cannot hold those committing violence accountable for their actions if their actions cannot be proven and documented publicly.

Well said, I agree with that stance. There's really no legit reason for calling for violence, since violence is something generally to be avoided. So on the flip side of the same coin, we must be able to expose those doing violence (especially aggressive violence). I certainly hope not to get a "platform wide permanent ban" for exposing violence, such as police violently arresting peaceful activists doing constitutionally-protected civil disobedience of unjust laws.
And judging by the upvotes we both received, it probably isn't going to be a problem.
Now, to save up for my monthly membership fee..

Hello @drutter, Footage of violence during a protest is fine with the intent of exposing the oppressor.

We are talking about individuals INCITING violence against others directly or promoting it in their videos. We will soon publish a detailed explanation on this point.

Sounds good, thank you for being a little more clear about that. I feel good about accepting the agreement now. I certainly never have or will incite violence, but do plan to continue to expose and document it when it happens (such as by police against peaceful cannabis activists). Thanks!

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