The Most Important Topic on Earth: Peace

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This chilling message from over 50 years ago, warning against total war, sounds as though it was meant for 2019.

It was left for us by one of the last true political leaders in the Western world. I know of no fault in its reasoning. The bearer of these timeless tidings remains to this day a respected and cherished figure. But was his most dire warning heeded?

The time is now, and this is the message. Won't anyone hear?


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@Drutter actually wants world peace, not like a beauty pageant contestant wants it! ;)

Why is it SOOO hard to get people excited about peace? It's what almost all of us want, deep down! Liberty without peace is hard to fathom.

I'm ready, too.
What JFK said about how to make peace happen from an indiviual perspective was great. Allow the idea of peace into your life. Work toward peace and liberty for yourself. Change your mindset away from war and the perpetual calls for war.

Thanks @drutter great to hear JFK vision of Peace....

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