Rudy Giuliani Butt-Dials Reporter, Exposes More Corruption

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--Donald Trump's attorney, Rudy Giuliani, butt-dials NBC reporter Rich Schapiro, exposing more corruption, complaining about needing cash, and trashing the Bidens

Is this Giuliani's most embarrassing moment so far?

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Headlines: "Rudy Giuliani butt-dials NBC reporter"

Rudy's Butt: No, I dialed the NBC reporter. This guy is corrupt. I've been trying to tell you.

& I wish Rudy would "LMAO."
I'm tired of being stuck to this corrupt turd.
He makes me look like an a*hole.
I'm tired of his sh

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Well you just admitted it, he's been working on the Biden - Ukraine connection on behalf of a man he represents who was under investigation for the Russian Collusion narrative, as such when the ex prosecutor contacts him with information about what transpired and they also have information that it was actually Ukrainian and not Russians that was used to set up the Russia Collusion theory he has every right to talk with them and use that information in defense of his client, therefore this all started taking place before Biden announced his run so there's no quid pro quo involved here. Thank you very much for that admission.

Furthermore as the president's attorney he can't be compelled to testify against his own client.

Seems a little too perfect, so he's basically had the reporter on recent call Maybe on his dial list and basically there is nothing as being caught red handed bad mouthing someone else really and it's no one else but the Bidens