UH-OH- Does Bernie Have to Attack Warren?

in threespeak •  13 days ago 

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--Is Bernie Sanders now in a position where he needs to attack Elizabeth Warren in order to have a chance at regaining control of the 2020 Democratic presidential primary?

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Every day I trust flip flopping Liz Warren even less than I already did, on the contrast I trust Bernie Sanders even more than I already did every single day.

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Elizabeth Warren is not the future of the Democratic Party.
Neither is Bernie Sanders.
Do we really want 70yo telling the rest of the country where it should go?
I’m sorry but, they won’t even see me, a 26yo reach her potential, why would I chose them????

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Huh???? Bernie is paving a path for you to have the chances you want to succeed. Your other comments make sense, this one is bizarre. Surely a joke?

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I'm really sorry about the Bernie's health condition but I do think the presidential primary anything goes and I'm not sorry for Warren , although there'll be a limitation as pertaining to these attacks, I do think the primaries is only a ticket and there's many more conferences and attacks to be made. Cheers!

I think they must attack each other in debates to attract the attention of the voting community.

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Can you please stop upvoting your own comments? You're a high profile guy on here. If everyone upvoted their own comments on steem, it would be a complete shit show for the reward pool. I understand the inclination, but it's not appreciated. If you were wondering why your comments are getting downvoted after you upvote them, that is why.

It does seem a bit selfish when he makes more on a post than most do in a week. Better to give out votes to others to build connections. You can earn from doing that anyway. Building a better Steem community benefits us all.

Flagged. Reason: You are a greedy fuck

Definitely Bernie's break could play the gamechanger here. I feel sorry for his health. But anyway that break has paved way for Warren to move ahead and Bernie to lack behind. He would surely have to go after Warren in order to get a move on as Bernie is visibly lacking at the moment.

As per my opinion I don't think both the candidates are eligible.However both of them need to share their agenda why once should support them. If you guys agree with me let me know.!


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Yes! Fuck her up

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