Fox Edits Out Boos from Trump World Series Video

in threespeak •  16 days ago 

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--Fox News' show Fox N' Friends edits out the incessant booing and chants of "lock him up" during Donald Trump's appearance at Game 5 of the 2019 Major League Baseball World Series

Why did they do this?

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Hi David, I was actually trying to get hold of the interview you did with stellabelle. If you still have the video or audio, I would love to have a copy. Thanks heaps in advance.


Thank you. The Dtube version seems to not work. Are there any other versions on Youtube or podcast? Thanks for your help!

And then they talk about fake news. Euphemisms such as "mixed reactions" is what allows politicians to smile their big smiles even though people are throwing rotten tomatoes at them and even though they are saying to themselves, "what the hell am I doing here?" or "how I wish I could just get rid of all those who oppose me and have a whole crowd of MAGA-cap users."

Trump wasn't grimacing as you stated, Melania was. Trump was smiling ear to ear because that's the response he wanted. Why? Because when it comes to the land of the swamp he wanted people to see exactly what he was up against.

This is a place that went ninety percent for Hillary, Trump I think managed four percent, without having to look it up don't quote me on it but it was marginal. A town full of politicians, reporters, lobbyist so it comes as no surprise at all that they booed him and chanted locked him up.

Trump is a smart man and he plays his cards well, there isn't much he doesn't do for a reason. You may want to listen to that again, as I did a couple times, but there's a marginal part of that crowd who did cheer....but that wasn't what he was after and that's not why he was smiling ear to ear.


Go ahead and laugh, you people are so easily duped. You really should get out more, you may actually learn something.