DEMONETIZED: Will Gun Control Really Make a Difference?

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This video was demonetized by YouTube for sensitive content. Glad to be able to post on 3speak!

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Glad to see you posting on Steem @davidpakman! Really hoping to see Secular Talk, The Rational National, Jimmy Dore, Niko House, Kim Iversen, etc. Posting here as well. I know all these people struggle w demonetization and I think Steem can help. It would be great if you could help spread the word and start the movement to decentralize the funding of independent media.

Glad to see you posting on Steem @davidpakman! Really hoping to see Secular Talk, The Rational National, Jimmy Dore, Niko House, Kim Iversen, etc. Posting here as well.

They need to be informed on how easy it is to cross post on Dtube right now. That alone is fucking phenomenal right now.

Agreed. But, just the same, we need to ensure that Steem is a ground for all thinkers, writers and commentators facing demonetization and censorship, regardless of where they are on the political spectrum -- i.e. PragerU, Steven Crowder, etc.

I agree 100%, these are just the creators I’m personally familiar with because of my political leanings, but I think we should be THE place where people can come and know they won’t be censored and will have a direct connection to their community.

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Well said. We're definitely on the same page. This is why I joined the Steem community. I am so excited to spread the word and help you and others make Steem THE place for free-thinking.

Yes it would. Can be seen by countries that have gun control

That's kind of silly that you got demonetized for this.

Nice to finally see you on 3speak!

PAKMAN!! Welcome back! Great to have you hear again. Things have changed a bit as you will notice.

Most of the mass shootings wont be stopped. Most of them are done with legal firearms. The smaller scale urban shootings wont be effected really either because those guns are usually illegal anyway...

Also if you are being demonetized you should link your videos through DTubes system. And there are more tags you could be using like steemleo...

Of course they would stop. Not all, but a majority would. Reducing gun availability goes a long way towards reducing mass shootings. Thats simply common sense. When you can buy a gun down the street for a few hundred dollars that makes it extremely easy to come upon a weapon.

An illegally purchased automatic weapon costs about 2000% more in Australia then in US. If you can pay that much more for a gun as a criminal you really dont need to be a criminal.

I dont really care. I dont live in the US, nor do i consider myself a liberal but the gun discussion is the stupidest shit i have heard in my life.
Get a fucking taser, a damn slingshot, your self defense potential doesnt go down one bit and everyones safer for it.

Most people are idiots and most people can buy guns in the US. Enough said.

Then explain to me why Chicago's -- which is home to some of the strictest gun laws in the US -- Southside faces mass shootings on a regular basis (the media ignores these)? Regular, law-abiding citizens, especially young African Americans in the city's Southside, have to jump through a series of hoops to get a gun, let alone carry one. As a result, they are left defenseless...meanwhile, its business-as-usual for all the gangs, which don't seem to have any issues buying illegal firearms at competitive prices.

As for your "simply common sense" remark: the vast, heavily-statistically significant majority of gun-related deaths and homicides in the US are committed with a handgun.

And in regards to "get a fucking taser, a damn slingshot" -- not sure I agree with you there, but I also think there's a cultural gap here. The USA is unique in that the right to bare arms is enshrined in our founding documents, in the Constitution. It was no accident that the Founding Fathers made this the 2nd amendment right after the 1st (free speech, free press, etc.). The 2nd Amendment was not created to ensure hunting and sport shooting, and it wasn't primarily focused on a crazy man breaking into your house. The 2nd Amendment was made to ensure that the public has the means to defend its freedom and private property were the Government to ever go usurpatious.

Now, I'm not some paranoid who thinks the US government will go usurpatious any time soon; rather, I just wanted to illustrate why the constitutional right to bare arms is no fundamental and sacrosanct in the American psyche.


I want to end gun violence by using guns to attack and kill anyone who has a gun and doesn't want to give it up for a marginal change in potential shootings in shit holes like Chicago. Ultimately mass shootings will be unchanged because the perps can plan ahead anyway.

I mean I get it, but the problem with a lot of people who talk like you do is that you cant think two steps ahead. Shit has consequences, if you do something it doesn't just suddenly change everything for the better. Real life doesn't work that way.

Gun free zones dont work because you can easily cross borders. Federal laws prevent that from happening as federal borders are more secure than state and county borders.

Fun that you use every right wing talking point but still claim to be a lefty tho lol

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Funny how you think this is a "left vs right" discussion. Shouldn't you be handing out quests and repeating yourself over and over again? LOL

Funny how you ignore my point because you have no argument.

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Gun free zones dont work because you can easily cross borders.

Was irrelevant because America has too many guns right now anyway. Also borders Mexico... Its not a good argument. Also if you follow through on the steps that would take place to enforce banning of guns it would mean massive increase in gun violence.

Also lol at the downvote HAHA, I was wondering when you would finally give in and throw the first penny punch. lol Fucking resorted to censorship piece of immoral shit! How does it feel to know you gave up any potential of having moral high ground at this point. I never once fucking downvoted your shit no matter what. Because unlike you I believe everyone should have a right to their opinions.

But now we all can see where you stand. A censorship hungry piece of shit. :)

Whaaaaahhh I hate Trump but I want him to take our guns away!

The logic of banning guns is AMAZING to me. You would think the first thing ANTIFA needs to do is get more guns...

This is fucking cringe... You want TRUMP, a known racist Nazi (In your mind) to take away our guns.

Lol im not censoring you im lowering the money you make off of uninformed gibberish. You having a meltdown only makes me want to actually censor you just to watch you cry tho. You have no room for nuance so your arguments make no sense since its just straw man after straw man after straw man.

Cry harder.

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Lol im not censoring you im lowering the money you make off of uninformed gibberish

It means you got salty as fuck and had to resort to downvotes :D
That's called jealousy. You got mad nobody cares about your opinions and decided to hit me up for a penny.


Gun free zones dont work because you can easily cross borders.

Was irrelevant because America has too many guns right now anyway. Also borders Mexico... Its not a good argument. Also if you follow through on the steps that would take place to enforce banning of guns it would mean massive increase in gun violence.

^ You are just mad you got nothing to counter this.

  1. Buyback
  2. Federal borders are more secure than state borders, factually.
  3. Assault weapons can kill 50 people in 20 seconds.
  4. Youve most definitely never experienced a shooting situation and it shows.

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Was irrelevant because America has too many guns right now anyway.

Thats what makes them cheap.

  1. Availability
  2. Ease of moving them across US
  3. Quantity
  4. Ease of acquiring.

I would think thats the whole point of the ban and regulation. To CHANGE the fact that the US has too many guns.

I mean people for regulation and bans say that by making those adjustments there would be less guns and less gun violence, mass shootings, what ever and your answer is basically:

You cant have less guns because the US has a lot of guns.

Lol. And you have the gal to pound your chest and call yourself a "victor" in the convo with the girl there.
Give me a break.

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I would think thats the whole point of the ban and regulation. To CHANGE the fact that the US has too many guns.

You would need to do it by force. It would be a civil war easily. That's the problem. Listen to me, its never going to happen and the difference it would make if everyone did give them up would be a net negative anyway. Gun crime would be largely the same, mass shootings would be the same. Home invasions would sky rocket. other kinds of crime would increase dramatically. Its suggesting we go into civil war for no reason.

Your argument is completely illogical

No its not, its 100% solvent. Its something that can never happen anyway, and even if it did nothing would change. Performing the act would also require basically going into civil war.

And in the case of a liberal who hates Trump and believes Nazis are on the rise it makes even less sense.

Imagine being so stupid as to claim we need a group like ANTIFA to protect us from the Nazi horde and then demand we take away everyone's guns.

The first thing the Nazis did was take away everyone's guns lol

It's good that a place like 3speak and steem are here so people can post their views. YouTube and other mega media channels all run off a political agenda and will only get worse at suppressing content they don't find agreeable.

I think independently of me agreeing or not with this content, I think it is not a good idea to feature these kind of political posts on the frontpage of Steemit.
It certainly is not the most serious thing to do especially for a social media company.
(Especially considering how often Google and Facebook are criticized on this platform for doing that).

Before anyone gets on the wrong track, I don't think that his video should've been demonetized. I think every company should be allowed to stick their ads where they want to. But artificially promoting sensitive content is as problematic.

How is this sensitive content?

It's a discussion about an interesting and relevant subject which we should actually see a lot more of on social media. It's important to discuss issues rather than blocking or demonetizing them because certain people don't like their views being questioned or people to have a different opinion to the current acceptable narrative.

I definitely agree with you, we need a lot more content of this and a lot of multi-sited scientific discussions of people of all different sites to find a middle ground everyone can live with. But, since this is a "one sided" video which doesn't involve a lot of neutral discussion with the opposite side it should neither be demonetized nor artificially promoted.

To answer your question about "sensitive content", it is sensitive content since a lot of people have a different opinion on it. Promoting this kind of content artificially (featuring it for everyone on the front page) shows a bias of the company and influences people. (Similarly as demonetizing and banning does too).

Fairly certain it has nothing to do with the content and everything to do with the fact that Steem needs to communicate to the world that we are the solution for people dealing with the problem that lead David here again(demonetization). We have to actually start solving problems for real people. That is the path to success for Steem, and I'm incredibly happy that it seems like Steemit understands this.

Like I said, I agree with the problem. But promoting sensitive content, for whichever sake, can have serious image consequences, especially considering serious investors. And we know already that Steem has an image problem. Involving it so blatantly in a political "war" doesn't make it better, it makes it worse.

If Steem wants to communicate that, they should make a post about it here and on medium and maybe a video on youtube to call people from whichever political side to publish their content here. Promoting one sided content certainly does not have the same effect.

I hear what you're saying. I don't think it's an unreasonable argument, but right now, if there was a headline on some major news publication that read "Steemit has chosen a side!" It would still be good for us because the problem we're dealing with more seriously than bad press is no press.

I think in the short term, regardless of political affiliation, if someone comes here who has a large following and is dealing with being either silenced, demonetized, or both, we should send a clear message of "We're here for YOU"

On the shortterm, considering Steem mostly as a content platform yes. It would probably be beneficial. On the mid and long term, many app developers could prefer to create their apps on Tron or elsewhere to avoid taking side in this.
I don't care much about the short term Steem price, I'm in this for the long term.

Cool to see that you are now posting videos to 3speak! Stopped visiting YouTube as I find it mostly time-wasted, but still watch your content every now and then when I see it in my feed on Steemit.

Happy to be able to support your content here!

It is indeed. Hope we can bring back a lot of stake towards manual curation to support demonetized YouTube creators coming over to Steem. The opportunity window is right now, the question is, will more stakeholders choose to put their stake behind supporting growing the platform? Or keep it stuck in bid bots that only demoralizes users?


This seems promising. I like DTube but that platform seems to be struggling with basic functionality, like embedding videos into a Steem post so you don't get taken to another website. Hopefully 3speak can progress development fast enough to stay relevant and be more useful.

I was in a hotel and saw your show on the TV and I was so excited seeing you on one of the channels. I was almost like the John Hill memes that got so popular. The excitement was because you were so active on Steem and you really made it big.

Oh, the gun issue...
Reading through the comments, I see that folks are too easy to mix mass shootings with high homicide rates. They are completely different animals. Gun control in the US would be a very difficult task if not impossible. It would be like banning candy on Halloween. While proper gun control might have a reduction in gun related homicides, the mass shootings will unfortunately continue.

The younger generation grew up with mass shootings as a thing, It wasn't really a thing when I was young. Back then, there were only 3 television stations. NBC, ABC, and CBS. Their news dominated without competition. Then came satellite dishes, MTV, cable, more channels, movie rental stores, internet, social media, YouTube, Netflix, and on and on... Now news takes a back seat to all the possible forms of entertainment.

GUNS in large quantities and with ease of access in the US have been around for much longer than mass shootings. So what has changed? Most media sources typically hang the noose around gun control, mental health, political rhetoric, or a combination of all three. I would have to say that mental health and political rhetoric have gotten better. Many may not be old enough to remember when the KKK was a thing and it wasn't uncommon that politicians were members. Mental health was a thing that people didn't know how to deal with or treat when I was young. There has been a change though, It just is not what everyone is looking at or talking about.

What has changed drastically in my lifetime is media. It is my opinion that there will always be crazy people out there with crazy agendas. A small percentage of those crazy people will have a need to bring to the forefront topics that deeply affect them. Those few in their twisted minds will force that agenda upon everyone with mass shootings and the aid of media. News media is desperate to feed upon the energy that mass shootings creates and breathes life back into their outlets. The crazies can make themselves infamous while pushing their agenda while news gets a boost in ratings. It is a partnership that I have never seen when I was young.

Can we change it? Nope... It would be way more challenging than the task of banning guns in the US or banning candy on Halloween...

Additionally , your profile picture is so egocentric, you must be the biggest asshole on the planet. Egomaniac Much?
Do you rape and eat children?

Using GUN in the title DEMONETIZES you. If you did not know that. Your a novice and an idiot.

Give prisoners guns when they get out of prison. Then they will be shot or sent back quick. Or be responsible and law abiding as everyone has the ability to shoot back.

Israeli girls walk around with assault weapons to protect the kindergarten class... I'd prize my children as much and protect them as well.

How about having homeless veterans get shelter to guard the youth? No school shootings ever.

And how about these shooters on medication? The real issue is these psych meds. Bet they all are on these drugs... Or influenced by the wrong people.

And the rise of antifa shooters. It's alarming.

HS student shooters.

Up until a certain point in recent decades, this did not happen. Nobody does that. Not what they did, the way they did it.

I don't have a reference on hand but I found something when researching an Rx drug or related topic.. You might know the connection between these kids was briefly reported / broadcast: anti depressant drug treatment before suddenly - you couldn't find reference to it. Not easily anyway.

Showed up at school looking same as yesterday but mentally turned inside out.

I guess with enough power, money and motive, you can silence anyone, change anything.

Oh yes! I propose a well regulated militia with awesome gun control will help keep insecure gun happy Americans from killing each other and the normal innocent people as well!

Great to see you using 3Speak! 💯

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Welcome back to the Steem Blockchain community @DavidPakman!

glad you posted it here also, you gave us an informative idea.

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Welcome to 3speak David! it's good to see you here!

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Great to see you on Steem. If you ever want to learn about Israeli gun laws (much stricter than you might realise) give me a call. At times, if you have a firearm here, you are encouraged to openly carry it to deter terrorist attacks and provide civilian protection. A friend of mine managed to turn and fire at the terrorist who had stabbed him in the back which prevented further injuries. Unfortunately my friend then died on the spot from blood loss.

Youtube is lame, you do a bunch of work and then they arbitrarily decide it can't be monetized. Sensitive content is pretty damn vague

Welcome! Threespeak has be an excellent creator experience so far.

Funny to see this particular topic featured on, but I get it. It was demonetized.

I also think the argument that "Option A won't work but take all the options together as a package and it will work." That's kinda like how HF21 EIP was sold to this community.

It also kinda reminds me of the Package-deal fallacy a little bit.

YES @davidpakman I'm happy to see you here :D

Where there is a will there's always a way. Thanks for not giving up


I read that Trump wants to focus on mental illness and not gun control. Surely then, real cold blooded killers if they get caught could play the mentally ill card and maybe get off more lightly.

A lot of people are talking about mental illness. What they are not talking about is the compounding effects of the pharmaceuticals the attackers were on.

Seriously? You got demonetized for that? I'm confused. I guess people aren't even allowed to utter the word gun without being censored on YouTube. What a joke.

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welcome to Steem and @threespeak - i wonder how you got that featured spot on the front page?! I want one too :D

well, it's possible.. i think it might lead to a change

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Sure it will as long as parental observation