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curious, what happens when i like a 3speak post after the usual 1 week expiry on Steem post?

is this everygreen?

Lol comes back makes more from one post than I’ve made all year 😂😂😂

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Funny! HAHA ... crypto daily is a legend lol

Hahahahahahaha. Nice one

I can enjoy the one guy I religiously watch on Youtube on Steem instead now. :) Welcome back, lots of stuff happening here, although nobody in the crypto sphere really pays attention to this blockchain anymore.

do you not think everyone's going to end up on voice if it's paying fairly for good original posts and there are no whales or flagging? ie - an open social media site you really can make some decent money on is going to leave this place like myspace isn't it?

and with a big marketing war chest it's not like it's not going to have a few million users, is it?

Would be wonderful to live in that kind of world, but we don't. People are going to abuse it and it will have its fair share of problems like everything else.

Personally a twitter like dapp that requires KYC doesn't interest me at all. I'm all about videos and Steem is where those dapps are.

fair enough, i think people are going to abuse any system, but if someone can genuinely build an audience and make money then aren't people going to flock to it?

i love the idea of steemit, but the reality of it is there is no money to be made unless you already have a fair chunk. like, a dollar on a post if you're lucky. never going to attract the masses is it?

but if miss hot-pants-popular on instagram can make $50-$100 for posting a revealing set of photos then is she going to want to do it? and messrs. bunch-of-aspiring-musicians? etc. etc. etc.

if voice doesn't do it, the first platform to successfully achieve it beats facebook, and that's some reward.

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Fantastic to see you on here Cam

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Crypto Daily is back? Oh snap! 😀

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WB to steem man! Should have known @theycallmedan would drag you back over here eventually!!!

Haha true enough

@crypto-daily, Great to have you here! Welcome to 3speak! Do you know you will have a balance each week that you can reward your best commenters with?

good to have you back around @crypto-daily


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It has been ages! Good to see you here, sir.


You were the first guy I thought of when @theycallmedan asked who would we love to see on 3speak!

Great to see you on that platform man!

cool to see a solid crypto youtuber like you back here at last, I guess I will have to give @datadash a little nudge again as well. I prefer giving you votes here to a silly thumbs up on youtube

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