Why I'm Scared - Bitcoin 's Dirty Secret

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Couple things about this "bull market" seem odd. Plus what Currency vs Store of Value really comes down to.

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hmm..... secretly click the sell button with vengeance!

most crypto-types understand there will be dips and heartaches that follow, but holding out for a run up does not make sense if the
majority of alts are getting punished in the 1 month, 3 months, and 1 year comparison

so what should a crypto believer do?

change our btc and eth for good alts?

hold fiat for a lower price?

do weird shit like sell 2-3 standard deviation btc and eth options to lower the cost of ownership?

do give some options / suggessions.... please?


That's something I've noticed as well, alts are bleeding in btc price like crazy. All the old money seems to be taken out of them and moved into btc and then new money goes into btc as well.

Hello @crypto-daily, I currently understand very little about the subject, I hear you're good at what you do, I hope you can use a little of your time to visit my blog, thank you...

Haha, good stuff. BTC ALL THE WAY!

By the way, how do you edit your videos like that?

It's about risk. It's a very risky business, I can't feel my emotions anymore

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How come you can't feel your emotions anymore?


Good video here

Samwell Tarly he survived crypto winter and is now on chain, steem to the moon 🌝

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