Waiting on a Cheaper Bitcoin - CMR

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Probably the best vid on my channel in a while. And I didn't even record it...

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It’s for first time I am watching cryptocurrency meme review. Love you style you nailed it. Still laughing 😂.
Keep us giving this kind of video. And I am waiting to buy cheap bitcoin like when it come to 1m 😂

welcome sir on 3speak

We are all awaiting to here good news about the increament of Bitcoins, lets hope for better future of Bitcoin topping the race..... Thank for the vidoe!

Hey cool, I watch your channel all the time on youtube. Glad your posting here as well.

Would rather watch you here, welcome back!

That was brilliant man, I cannot stop laughing :D Those remarks, that mustache! :D Keep these coming!

lol, need more of this on steem

So true, the dude is a riot!

yeah! i'm watching it again. the dude going down the slide hahaha

Quite the intro mate. I wonder what tune you used. Very amusing video as well mate. I'm glad you collected, even though your opinions aren't for sale. Regards!

This type of video should be alive on steem

I need a steem

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Fiat boaiii looks sharp af :)))

Hahaha yaa it will be cheaper when it get to $100k haha as a friend of mine is waiting for a cheaper veil network to get in.
Really funny

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