The Only Issue With Bitcoin 's Price...

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The Only Issue With Bitcoin 's Price...

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Hi, @crypto-daily, thank you for your great and immense contribution in uploading video here on @threespeak. We are at a go if all conditions stabilizes with the bitcoin prices looking at the current market cap. Today I have had a series of people chating positively and making splendid analysis of how things will go. No wonder if bitcoin hit $20000 by the end of 2019. This is likely to happen observing trends of its motion, but my only plea is that it should rise at a stable rate. Upon my analysis, the investors and Whales do not want to rush with the increase in STEEM, but rather want to study how stable will be for bitcoin before drawing their conclusion with rising of steem. That why we still experience low rise of steem. If this so, then we will encourage steemians especially those with low STEEM POWER to maximize their effort to balance the situation, and again, those who are powering down to hold on for the bull run shortly.

I think the price will go much higher soon

You should do more shout outs for Steemit so you can get some more engagement over here man. The work you do deserves a lot more attention and YouTube is a great source of viewers to send this way!

I also agree with you sir correction is healthy for a big run. And portfolio is great sir I also have 0% xrp means only 10 currently I will be selling it at 100$ 😂. I am currently focusing on my favourite alts. Sir will love to see your favourite alts list

🔥🔥🔥 ... can’t wait till u start covering STEEM/Steem engine tokens 👨🏾‍🚀👍🏽

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I'm so heavy on alts right now. Its taking all my willpower not to fomo into bitcoin...

Thats Magical!

That's Amazing!

Oh Radical!


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