The Rise of VERY BULLISH Bitcoin Indicators!?

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The Rise of VERY BULLISH Bitcoin Indicators!?

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My #Bitcoin predictions:

$14,000 in the short term.

$200,000 within 5 years.

Up to $5,000,000 per #BTC is possible before 2030.

Read more about my bullish view in this Crypto Potato article about my friend Moon Carl here:

How accurate have you predicted this years bear market?

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Definitely no one has really gotten the prediction of the bear market right, in essence the charts and predictions have really failed a lot and Many people even predicted mooning before September but definitely look at where we are really. Let's just keep holdling and stacking up steem especially. And well welcome back @crypto-daily it's been too long

Yap i Think similar. Many bounces caught the chart analysis people off guard

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I think bitcoin will always be part of the financial sector now that it has grown its profile in society....more and more people are opting for digital forms of payment.... the future is digital.....

Very good analysis
Greetings from Germany
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lmao was not expecting the lake toss.

Its Nice explanatory Video. Ya we have suffered this year but you have explained some good indicators. Specially price change per year basis is looking good indicator to me. You are right. And as you mentioned, we need to do our own research. Thanks for your nice indicator explanation.
I have subscribed to get more videos like this one.

The Bitcoin price is unpredictable due to the fluctuation of price

I am not so much into predictions, but I know one thing.
A1 Fighters accepts 30 different currencies. Miners will love it!

Monkey see, monkey do

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