Just Wait for THIS! - Bitcoin Meme Review

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Just Wait for THIS! - Bitcoin Meme Review

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When so sew survive

hahaha. Love it Cam, keep up the good work! Glad to have you back on steem so I can finally put my stake to good use :')

Thanks pal!

love the moon song and the pokemon "parody" made my day

Very spectacular video shared with us here on 3speak, this is really superb. Bitcoin is at increase, and this can demonstrate that our STEEM has a future to move with it. We hope for a lucky year. We could see, a tremendous improvement from early June to date about $41000 to $61000 if I stand to be correct.

That song is great. Meme review is becoming more and more popular sir congratulations.
Bitcoin is god of crypto and now bitcoin is in the form of destruction. Destroying alts

haha, this is a pretty funny video. nice upload @crypto-daily

You made my day :).... very amazing @cryptodaily

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Subscriber 69. (Billy Madison Voice) Noice...

This is really amazing.more of this.




I am going to wait for it too!

Haha :D Nice memes. You have great voice to sing too ;D

Omg bitcoin around 13000. hahaha whait for it cash them all but I only have #steem

First time watching your vids. Very creative and entertaining dude! Those crypto songs are funny asf ! Bless Up man, keep on rockin

Congratulations @crypto-daily!
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