Maxing Out My Chicken! Gold Foil Chicken Giveaway!

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Hi everyone!

Update- 11-3-19- Congrats to @kryptokayden for winning this gold chicken for the funniest meme below in the comments!
I am here on Splinterlands- the best crypto game I know! I am so excited about the new cards recently added like this chicken! I love this card! Zero Mana! I am here shopping on the Splinterlands market! I am buying some new cards like the chicken and I end up maxing him out! I am excited to use him! Right now, I am #10 on the Splinterlands leaderboard and we have about 24 hours now to go until the end of season! It will be an exciting time as people will be getting free untamed packs that place in the Top 50! It is a blood bath out there, I wish you all luck in getting up high on the leaderboard! I hope to place in the top 50, we will see what happens. It is tough out there for sure. It can get stressfull as well as you can fall all the way to 60th place just by losing a few matches! I did this yesterday- I went from 15th place to 89th then back to 11th!! LOL! That was a crazy day! I am in need of end of season Splinterlands laughing! I want to see some memes about how crazy we all get during this time and how hard and stressfull it is to stay up there. There will be one lucky winner! The funniest meme to me will receive a Gold Furious chicken! Drop you best meme in the comments. These gold foil chickens are awesome as it comes with 1 melee. It was my first chicken actually, the gold chicken. Good luck everyone out there! We only have 24 hours to go until the season is over! Let's Gooooooo!!!!

Furious Chicken_gold (420px, 15fps).gif

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2bP4pJr4wVimqCWjYimXJe2cnCgnFeRQinASdBqk5sC (1).png

Have a great day in Splinterlands everyone!

I wish you luck in your battles and daily quest rewards!

I will see you all on the battlefield!

May the Monsters be with you.

Chris Love @clove71
Splinterlands Rep

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Ok... me at this moment.


Good looking up there on the leaderboard Chris! I'm still trying to grind up lol and now comes the meme lol

Congrats!! Sending the Gold chicken your way now! This is the funniest meme!

haha!! Funny!!! I just maxed mine out, he is really badass!!!

w000t got the Gold Chicken wow! Im going for top 1 this season with this card haha thanks Chris!


I am posting this from someone said they had to pay 27 Steem to submit a meme but it is free here. 54TLbcUcnRm3sWQK3HKkuAMedF1JSX7yKgEqYjnyTKPwrcpBvCkW1gCxBczVDTonaXxTobpWNJ3LAzRWQr29JHurFLH6yThZPCQWcQPTWh5Wdr3557ATUnqK9Rv9YJVVpJ5xR64Sh.gif

pocorn -check!
soda/hot cocoa -check!
fluffy blanket on the couch -check!

Sounds like a good plan, LOL!!!


haha! Funny!!

  ·  20 days ago (edited)

hahaha thanks Chris! btw I was just watching your recording and noticed you were selecting cards from the market one by one, remember you can always shift+click to select all down to where you want!

Yes, I know that but this way I spend less money, LOL!!! It takes me longer so I am out of time to spend more, hahaha!!

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  ·  22 days ago (edited)

@clove71 fighting against me when I hit the champion league, GOLD EGGRIATHUS. THE LEGENDARY POWER OF THE FURIOUS CHICKEN before be a chicken.

fight clove and yonilkar.png


Why did the chicken cross the road? He was furious about the traffic.


As everyone race to build their ultimate chicken... I recall another game with a similar theme....


Smart move, maxing the Chicken. :D
That's what I'm using all the Peakmonster credits for... you know, the ones I'm getting for selling all my gold cards so I can throw as much money as possible at the Kickstarter.

Nice!! He is a great card!!!

haha, he looks mad!

Ooh! Ooh! Ooh! "Gold Chicken"! "Gold Chicken"! [infinity]....

wow this is amazing! you are the Splinterland Boss!!! Amazing!
Watching now!
thank you!

You Have to fight

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In my heart, the gold chicken is the most valuable card in the game

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It is a great card! Imagine what it could be worth in a year or so! Everyone is playing it!

the real golden egg hen :D