Crypto Finally - Welcome to 3speak ! - A brief interview !

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I interviewed @cryptofinally a few months ago and I contacted her recently to invite her to @threespeak !

We have a deal to record another interview next week.

In this video I'm sharing a brief from the previous interview, hoping for steem community to help me invite her.

@cryptofinally is really famous in the crypto world now.

She creates music videos about bitcoin.

She visited a lot of crypto conferences.

She even met Vitalik Buterin in person, the creator of ethereum :


And recently she met Tone Vays, a well known crypto influencer :


In twitter she has over 13.7K followers :


I really hope she will join @threespeak.

Follow her in twitter here :

Subscribe to her youtube channel :

Welcome her to @threespeak , if you want her to be active, you can also tweet her about that, so she will be more excited to join.

Enjoy watching the interview. ☺

You can watch as well my promotional video that's trending now in steem and 3speak at the same time.

Subscribe to my 3speak channel here !

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That was blistering session Clix I think she loves and embraces how it works on the Steem blockchain she proved this by her eloquent knowledge of how things works here wouldn't be difficult for her to hop onto 3speak and well bring her audience from Twitter and YouTube really. In earnest you did an amazing job bringing the interview. It'll definitely be ba massive addition to 3speak so I look forward to seeing her joining

Thanks a lot. Yeah, she knows how things work and for her 3speak will be very good place to be. I'm almost sure she will join. She seems liking the steem community. She already created videos about bitcoin, ethereum and I hope to see from her a video about steem as well.

Imagine the audience her video about steem will bring, thanks for the interview

Great interview clix and Crypto Finally!

Thanks a lot for watching. I'm glad you like it. I rewatched that a few times. I like how she is excited about the crypto world and she said also a lot of good things about steem. ☺

Really interesting interview and a great person for STEEM if she can get hooked like the rest of us. Hopefully she starts posting her on content to 3speak soon. Need to hook her up with msp radio for some shows.

Thanks for watching. Yeah, we need to do something to invite her to the platform. We need people like her. I hope also the community will do something about that. Still don't see that much activity on twitter. I hope someone will help with that. After @nathanmars stoped being active there and reward people, most of them stoped posting about steem there. We still have some, but not that much I think. Anyway, I think it's important for us to be active in other platforms inviting people, not only here and discords. I will be happy to something from you in msp radio shows. I hope that will help. I also had a show called ''Our Steem'', but now I'm too busy with my life to start it again. Thanks for the comment. ☺

It's great that you could onboard to 3speak such bright person! 👍

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Yeah, I'm tring. By the way, she is Russian origins as well, just like Vitalik. :)

It should make us proud of that!

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nice video

That was great my man thanks for sharing, short and sweet. Next time maybe lower the volume a little bit, otherwise it's good

Thanks for watching.

Good interview and thanks for the introduction 💯🐒

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