Have a sense of humor !

in threespeak •  2 months ago 

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In this video I talked about why you need the sense of humor !

Enjoy watching. ☺

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Thank you Brother ! What you say is so important I always appreciate your videos. I recently joined 3speak last week and will be posting my intro video in the next day or so. Much Aloha from Hawaii this is Rich.

Thanks a lot for your comment and donation. I'm glad you like my videos. I will follow you and subscribe on your channel. Looking for your intro video to watch soon. ☺

Person with Great Sense of Humor and bring witty has its own greatness, it's being human having few powers of God for one lifetime.

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Man is political animal, that called Aristotle so sense of humor is one kind of power to lead your life on the right way.
Its a so important for a one conscious people. When you going to with right way if you need you beight humor...
Thanks sir for your kind

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Yeah, that's why even politicians try to be funny sometimes. They know how it's important to have the sense of humor to make people vote them. Thanks for the comment. ☺

Absolutely sir

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