How much is your account worth - A promotional video !

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I created this video to promote steem in twitter and other social media.

I want to ask people there, how much are their accounts cost.

When I look at my account in steem, it's always worth something.

Not like in other social media where accounts worth nothing.

I showed in the video that's worth more than $700 and I shared the accout of @pennsif and his account worth more than $8000 even beig a dolphin. I also said in the video that accounts of orcas and whales worth even more.

I will promote the video in my twitter page, facebook group and in some forums.

I hope that I will be able to onboard someone here.

Steem on.

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Hmm but did you take in count let's say how much costs cards of Splinterlands if somebody plays in this game? So without it account may worth much lower than with Splinterlands cards🤔

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I don't know much about games on steem. I made a review of steemonsters ones, but I don't understand them that much. I play chess and I wish we had chess in steem. :)

Chess is excellent game! Maybe once they will appeare on Steem 🤔

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Maybe )

Awesome video. This is a key function I watch.

Thanks. :)

Thats the difference between steem and other social media platforms. This is something that makes steem way better than any other and I just love it. I am happy to be part of steem where my efforts have some monetary value whereas others have no value and its just time pass.
As you mentioned about the level in steem then I want to mention that I am too close to becoming a dolphin and it might happen soon within a few days or a week max. I am so excited to see that mark. It really means a lot and we all earn it here. Thanks for sharing the nice video.

I'm glad you're excited about steem and being a dolphin soon. I also was a dolphin, but powered down because I needed money. I hope when I'll be dolphin the next time, I will not need money. lol

I have 8.8k steem power and well just a little in my savings by the way. I think I don't even like how much my account is valued in terms of dollars. The real value will come soon I'm hoping

We are all hoping but it's crypto and it's unpredictable.