Hidden benefit from posting in 3speak!

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In this video I talked about a hidden benefit from posting videos on @threespeak.

Since it's hidden, I will not write about it. lol

Find out what's that in the video.

It's only one minute video.


Footages used from are : https://www.videvo.net/

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Disclaimer.. it's actually 1 minute 24 seconds. That is all.

Oh my god 24 seconds. lol Sorry about that. I will be more precise next time. :p

  ·  14 days ago (edited)

Tub Cat does not believe that @threespeak voting on your videos is a hidden secret.

Some might say that it is something a user of the platform would strive to receive.

That was a fun video. Watch to find out. I meant it could be saving things for some people. I've seen a lot of situations when the creator was just saved.

  ·  14 days ago (edited)

Tub Cat has watched your video, human. Tub Cat is also sorry if you are experiencing downvotes from larger accounts.

I didn't but our community @dcooperation did. I'm building it for a year and 4 months and it was hardly hit once. But 3speak helped us and we recovered the loses.

I like the videos on three speak. Bit worried about big price on joining since my videos are a bit political and looks sensory

the video is not about that !

Friend,, I post 3 pecans regularly but do not get support from 3speak What do I do if I get their support.!

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because you don't watch videos to understand how to get support, learn first about the community and what they like and then ask for support.

This is the best thing about 3speak that they are bound by time limitation and I get their vote usually after 2-3 days. Its like a sudden surprise and I like it. Thanks for sharing this and 3speak is awesome.

You're welcome.