How Did the Syrian Economy Conduct Under the War?

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When the super power the US is under a massive debt of over 21 trillion dollars, Saudi Arabia the super rich country is borrowing money to cover its budget payments, just a couple of example which didn't witness any real war, how did the Syrian economy do?

A post was shared earlier to Steemit about this without the video due to a ban, sharing it again with the video here due to its importance.

More details about the Syrian economy in this post: Did the Terror War on the Syrian Economy Succeed?

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For Syria to be harvesting it's fields now is really an amazing feat. The resilience of the Syrian people and the sagacity of its leadership truly are commendable, and any who would deny or belittle them are incapable of full humanity. I am deeply humbled by their achievements. Everyone in the world might benefit from taking their measure, and undertaking to better enable these proud and capable folks to prosper out of the adversity they have overcome.


Appreciate your comment, very less people understand what the Syrians went through and how much sacrifice they did to defend themselves from foreign sponsored terror and managed to conquer it and not only save their country but also helped save the rest of the world from the evil powers.
Even Russian President Putin admits if they didn't side by Syria they'd be fighting the same extremists on Moscow streets, and that they wouldn't be able to side by Syria had the Syrians not been able to withstand the first 4.5 years of waves of tens of thousands of terrorists alone.

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I don't think most people can comprehend what Syria has accomplished. I'd call it a miracle, but flesh and blood have managed this very human victory over inhuman oppression and brutal predation. I consider it the sublime achievement of a people in my lifetime, and an inspiration for all generations to come.

Let me put it to you this way:

  • A HARD WORKER with Advanced Education can make upwards of $4 million during the course of their working lives in Developed country like USA.

  • A HARD WORKER with little to No advanced education can make upwards of $2 million in their lifetime in Developed country like USA.

How much money has the Feminists, Left-wingers, the Socialists, the Communists, the Welfare State, and other Parasites have cost the country? Can you ??

  • Now, imagine millions of people executed with a bullet that costs 40 cents per to scratch that debt, get rid of the useless eaters, and allow more opportunities for hard workers to thrive and support the economy/country?

Can you imagine how much a person can make by being a government-sanctioned hitman to Purge the useless eaters?

Now you see why war is so economically stimulating? Currently Syrian Economy is going through this phase.

Did the Terror War on the Syrian Economy Succeed?

"Next time you cheer the fight against another country, think of priorities - maybe you’ll realize that the fight you should carry out is the fight against your 'enemy within'.. ."

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Glad to hear that the economy is improving. Hopefully the return of the gas fields will speed the recovery.

I was thinking there was going to be inflation a little bit of instability in the economy as well as you know low GDP and stuff, but how the economy seems to be doing better compared to Libya is a surprise really.

The economy is doing better than that of Lebanon and Jordan which didn't see the war.

There is an inflation that reached 10 times over the past 8.5 years, the state did extraordinary efforts to contain it and increased the salaries in the public sector which uplifted that if the private sector as well. Another effort was maintaining the subsidiaries of essentials.

Did you know you can also upvotes the post? It would help a lot as well 😊

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Did you know you can also upvotes the post? It would help a lot as well

Just did, my stake is small and I forgot to

@arabisouri, That's the beauty of this world, at one place we see deep darkness which spread by human beings and at the same time other group of people rise for the occasion and they spread the Light Of Hope to destroy the Darkness. Stay blessed.

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I am very happy to see your country revived after the war. The factory has produced again. Agricultural fields have produced more agricultural produce, the market has revived, the university has welcomed more students. That is a sign that the economy in Syria is starting to rise .

Thanks for the comment, appreciate it. True these are the signs of the resilient people and their economy, stood up against international sponsored terror.

Also would be a good sign if you can upvote the post ☺️

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Very informative and realistic infographic video, thank you for sharing it with and for the English captions.

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