Weapons and Munition left behind by terrorists in Qalamon Damascus Countryside

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The weapons and munition left by Al-Qaeda terrorists in Syria and already discovered by the Syrian authorities are enough to arm two national armies of countries like Hungary and Romania.

These latest discoveries are in Qalamon area northern Damascus countryside, and in Deir Ezzor countryside.

More details in this report: More Weapons Depots Discovered in North of Damascus and in Deir Ezzor

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WOW! @arabisouri, this is amazing, though not wholly unexpected. Weapons made by the United States, for the main SPONSOR to al-Al-Qaeda, Saudi Arabia, and recovered by Syria.
To be clear, U.S. military weapons given to Saudi Arabia passed on to the terrorist group that was blamed for the WTC on 9-11 using BOEING aircraft, again sponsored by Saudi Arabia, then the instigators were assisted in departing the U.S. on the ONLY flight allowed in the air at that time now has military weapons that we gave to the largest humanitarian CRIMINALS in the world that could possibly be used against us.
Ok, now that makes sense seeing how the 2nd biggest WAR CRIMINALS gave the weapons to S.A. in the first place. GWB and R.Cheney provided the training and weapons used against our Country, then assisted the remaining organizors of the crimes to escape. Sec. HRC also has been providing weapons and funding through S.A. to Al-Al-Qaeda. And SHE wants to run for President AGAIN? and people want her there? How much damage to our Country do people want to see? maybe they are all hoping that if enough attacks happen, the terrorists will get rid of our criminals for us???

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